You Know You’re Getting Old When…

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…Your collection of meds starts to grow and grow and you find yourself using a pill minder and thinking “Hey! That’s really handy!”

Yeah, I’ve reached that stage in life. Weird. I still consider myself quite young. I mean, pretty much every dream I have (sleeping dream…I dream while awake quite frequently too, so don’t want to confuse you), I dream I am in my 20s or at least I am pre-motherhood. Or back when my kids were little. I pretty much never dream I am the age I am now. But typically I am a teen or 20something in my dreams. Not sure what that says about me. But that’s my dreaming tendency. I don’t think it means that I wish I was back there (I so don’t)…I think it probably is more likely that is just the age that I feel is the most “me”.

And my hair is getting greyer and greyer…(and I REALLY need a haircut!)

This doesn’t actually bother me. I actually find it fun to watch this part change. I take after my father’s side of the family and my dad and both his parents were pure white/silver fairly early. My mom’s side were still quite dark even to the end and my mom is still more brown than grey. I long since surpassed my mom’s grey. My 50 year old self is probably triple the grey head that my 72 year old mom is!

But I’m ok with that. I find it humorous and I enjoy it. I am looking forward to being fully grey.

This morning I was taking selfies to show my Facebook feed that I desperately need a hair cut (haven’t even considered venturing to Supercuts during this pandemic!) and I ended up having a whole lot of family photobombing going on. Oh my, these people make me laugh so much!

I find it particularly amusing that Maeven really shows her true silly self whenever I take pictures. She is such a delight, my girlie. Not many people get to see this side of her. But she is such a HOOT, I tell ya, if you can get to know her and see her come out of her shell! Tyren too, but he’s an extrovert and is pretty comfortable around groups of people and, much like his mama, doesn’t have any problems showing his true self to others usually.

Anyway, I got off topic…as per usual…Back to the subject of this post… I definitely am getting older because my body is also telling me. I have more aches and pains lately. My back is sore more, my shoulder has been sore a lot lately and my neck and now my elbow. Probably because I like to sleep on my belly with my arm under my pillow. But really, it seems to get sore no matter what position I sleep in. And I have to shift position a LOT at night. For years now.

I hope this isn’t what arthritis feels like. I’m too young for arthritis! Though I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hips after having my first baby. That’s a joy. Hm, I wonder if it can spread as you get older…I’ll have to talk to my doctor about that.

Geez, I really sound like I’m old. But, whatever, we all grow old…at least we hope to! And I don’t feel like I have hang-ups about it so…eh. It’s never concerned me. I just find it interesting to observe the changes.

Ok, back to life and see what I can accomplish on my websites on this lovely rainy day. :)

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