you know what drives me nuts?

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ME getting criticized for my very well-informed, well-researched decisions…by people that have done little or no research on these same issues. people who tend to just believe their doctors or the general “known” info that the general populace blindly believe. not researched. just accepted blindly. that drives me nuts! i’ve been spending hours and days and weeks and months since before i was pregnant with my first child reading and listening and researching and reading more and researching more…on all kinds of topics (not just vaccinations) and I’M thought to be “stupid” for questioning things?


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  1. CPaolozzi

    OMG, I get the same exact thing from my family!! I’ve read thousands upon thousands of pages of material on vaccinations and all kinds of other parenting issues, and they are constantly trying to “correct” me. Urgh!! I am so glad it’s not just me!

  2. learningbarefoot

    I actually said that to my MIL once- “as soon as you have read as much on the subject as I have I’d be more than happy to debate it with you, but until then let’s just agree to disagree”.

    She has not uttered another peep about our choices. It’s so sad, she won’t even read my blog about what her granddaughter is learning, and she has yet (in 5 years!) to pick up even one of the books on my personal recommended reading list of over 100 titles.

    I sometimes wish I didn’t know the things I do- that I could get “plugged back into the Matrix” and enjoy a cheeseburger, have my days free while my dd is “educated by experts”, clean my house with no fear of toxins- but alas I do know a better way. And if we don’t keep right on talking about it ignorance will prevail…

    You are making a difference with your website and your lifestyle- go mama!

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