yet another reason to hate bush

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ok i’m not really up on all things political…don’t really have the desire to dive deeply into the slime of it all…but i really dislike president bush and never voted for him and frankly think he’s an idiot, much like the rest of the country, it appears.

i thought from day one that when he declared war he was doing so like one of those macho assholes that turn everything into a fight…which is particularly funny since bush is about as UNmacho as they get, but i digress…but anyway it appeared to my uneducated (politically) mind that he was simply lashing out in vindictiveness and i had THOUGHT that the president of the united states should be above such childishness. not that it wasn’t necessarily warranted to lash out after 9/11…but there are much more mature and effective ways to deal with conflict. i am trying to teach my children every day about non-violent communication and conflict resolution…it appeared to me that the president really went against all that with his flat out statements that we were gonna GET THEM. good lord. grow up and be president and use more effective means to deal with things. wars really don’t do anything but hurt and make things worse, lordy.

anyway, just found this on another blog and thought. “yep, yet another reason to hate bush!”

i know the entire country is just waiting on pins and needles to get this moron out of the white house. i cannot even believe that the idiot got voted into office TWICE!!! (well, the first time was not supposed to happen, dammitt!!!)

anyway, i digress…the rain of idiocy will be over soon…hopefully whoever wins won’t be leading us further into the abyss.

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