Yay Enki!!

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i just have to share how completely happy (so far) i am with the curriculum i bought. enki education is just amazing. the more i read, the more i like. there are parts that i can’t quite grasp yet…and maybe even parts that i will decide i don’t agree with…but such is everything in life…i really think this curriculum is just the most awesome purchase i’ve made and i’m soooo excited to really dive into it!

we’ve been doing our new routine…still loosely, since i don’t have all the curriculum planning done yet. and its going well…and i’m reading more and more each day…getting through these manuals and guides. there’s a LOT to read! i’m ready to dive in and create our circle time and plan our projects!

maeven and i were going through the craft binder…WOW! some amazing things to do in there! she is just as excited to get started! i have to find time this weekend to finally get through making a plan and start a supply list so i can finally start doing the projects.

this is what i really love–enki, just like waldorf, is not about academics just yet…kindergarten is lots and lots of stories, songs/music, craft projects and play. there aren’t any academic concepts introduced yet…indeed, their philosophy is that it can actually be detrimental to the young child. i have to agree. what’s the all-fire hurry? i know preschool programs that are introducing reading to 4 year olds! if they initiate, sure, go for it, but the vast majority will not and i can see how pushing this too soon might even make them less likely to want to learn how to read…in some children at least.

our public school system in america is just so screwy. they push way too much and they don’t do a thing with some of the more important things. like–in early elementary they don’t do science or art or music with the kids! how stupid is that? oh sure, the really good teachers find ways to squeeze it in…but in general its just not viewed as important so they cut it. its absolutely important! and that’s what i love about enki…that all these things are integrated in all aspects of their curriculum. there is singing and art and science (nature) in most everything. and its viewed as vital to children’s well-being. i totally agree!

i won’t rant on and on about all the things i don’t like about public school…i’ve already written this out quite well here. and all the reasons i believe in homeschooling. (its titled “why i believe in homeschooling”.) but i just was thinking about public school just now and just thinking how sad it is. oh i’m not saying there aren’t great teachers out there. i know there are. i have met many! and i have a very dear friend that is a public school teacher! but it just seems like the system overall is just so flawed. i just don’t believe in assembly-line education, darn it! my kids are going to get way better than that!

maybe some day we’ll decide that its time for our children to go to public school…we’re taking this day by day, year by year…i don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. but for now…i just shudder at the thought that i could have been sending maeven to the public school around the corner. just not gonna happen. its not about me though…i KNOW that she’s going to do, and is doing, soooo much better at home with me. even the best public school teacher in the world couldn’t do as well for my daughter as i could here at home. and i’m so jazzed to be finally going forth into this adventure with her! so fun!!

now, speaking of adventure…its “adventure time” of day here now and we are off to the park to play with some of our fellow homeschoolers. (homeschool park day at tice park every thursday!) we haven’t been in awhile and maeven is quite excited…so we’re off!

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