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i am watching the news right now and i see that the ban on gay marriages has been overturned in california. making us the second state in the US to legalize gay marriage. i’m really proud of us!

i really don’t get why its such a stinkin big deal! just cuz they’re gay doesn’t mean their love is any less deep or committed than heterosexuals! geez louise!

it absolutely INFURIATES me that there’s people out there that are so against gay marriage. give me a friggin break! who are YOU to say that just because you are a male/female relationship that you can have a committed relationship and a male/male or a female/female couple cannot? get off your friggin high horse. you don’t get to decide who’s love is more “real” or not!

it just makes me beyond angry! i cannot believe how strong of emotions it evokes in me! and i don’t even currently have any local gay friends. i have some long-distance ones, but no one i’m super close to anymore…but yet it still just fires me up when people start spewing their garbage about gay marriage being a “farce” and all that crap. don’t even get me started on how absolutely STUPID that is and how ignorant and ridiculous i view these people that spew that garbage. bleh.

ok i’m done…i meant this to be a happy “YAY CALIFORNIA” post! soooo, YAY CALIFORNIA!! RIGHT ON!! i’m so glad that we are proving to still be one of the most forward-thinking states! yay!! now just do something about that homeschooling ruling predicament! (i think that’s up for review again in june?) stay tuned!

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