xmas part 2

here’s the rest of our 2008 xmas story…copied/pasted from an IM conversation i had today with my friend beckie…i’m sunflowermom30…i didn’t feel like typing it all again, LOL!!….
[22:15] sunflowermom30: hey, well, ummmm…our ceiling fell down in the big room yesterday, LOL!
[22:15] beckie_s: OH NO!!
[22:15] beckie_s: from the rain??
[22:15] sunflowermom30: i’ll match your stress and raise you, LOL!!!
[22:15] sunflowermom30: no, we have no idea why
[22:16] beckie_s: scary!
[22:16] sunflowermom30: it happened right at the most stressful time…we were freaking out about getting ready to go to inlaws…i was desperately trying to finish up the homemade gifts and tyren was freaking out about not wanting to go anywhere
[22:16] beckie_s: at least no one was in there, I am guessing
[22:16] sunflowermom30: i was preparing for getting into a huge fight with him
[22:16] sunflowermom30: i’ve had to literally wrestle him into clothes and into his carseat lately
[22:16] sunflowermom30: seriously fight him
[22:17] sunflowermom30: and adam was pissed at me for arranging to go to church with my parents
[22:17] sunflowermom30: cuz he said i was shortchanging his time with HIS family…
[22:17] sunflowermom30: ay yi yi!!!!!!!
[22:17] sunflowermom30: then in the middle of all the yelling and screaming and crying and stressing…
[22:17] beckie_s: 🙁
[22:17] sunflowermom30: boom boom BOOOOM
[22:17] sunflowermom30: what the hell was that???
[22:17] sunflowermom30: thought the cat knocked something over
[22:17] sunflowermom30: looked in the big room but didn’t see anything (looked in the wrong area)
[22:18] sunflowermom30: then 5min later
[22:18] sunflowermom30: BOOOOOOOOOOM
[22:18] sunflowermom30: CRASH
[22:18] beckie_s: :-O
[22:18] sunflowermom30: THAT time i knew it was in there and i looked when the light fixture was still swinging from the ceiling
[22:18] sunflowermom30: and saw all the insulation and drywall in adam’s new office in a pile on the floor
[22:18] sunflowermom30: well like half his ceiling in there
[22:18] sunflowermom30: yeah very dramatic
[22:19] sunflowermom30: and OH MY GOD where are the cats????
[22:19] sunflowermom30: did the cats do this? did those fat things jump up there and collapse it?
[22:19] sunflowermom30: no, we found the cats , those fat things, sleeping soundly elsewhere
[22:19] sunflowermom30: and no water, or moisture in the stuff
[22:19] sunflowermom30: so NO idea why it collapsed
[22:19] beckie_s: wow
[22:20] sunflowermom30: but yeah, thank god it happened when the room wasn’t finished…and adam’s equipment wasn’t underneath!!!!
[22:20] beckie_s: right!
[22:20] beckie_s: that would have been really bad
[22:20] sunflowermom30: yup
[22:20] sunflowermom30: but you know what???
[22:20] beckie_s: what?
[22:20] sunflowermom30: it actually made the whole day better!
[22:20] beckie_s: Nice!
[22:21] sunflowermom30: because i immediately saw that as the straw that broke the camel’s back and called my parents and canceled church
[22:21] sunflowermom30: i knew that there was no way we were going to have much of any visit with his family cuz we were running late already and to have to jam out of there to go to church…adam would have been stewing on that for years probably…me gypping him of his xmas with his family
[22:21] beckie_s: made things less stressful?
[22:22] sunflowermom30: yeah my parents weren’t happy but i finally got that i needed to cancel church and was given a good reason to bail because it was just the last straw of a string of stress
[22:22] beckie_s: that’s good
[22:22] sunflowermom30: and i told my dad i needed to cancel because we just couldn’t do one more thing that night and adam and i had already been fighting about it for days
[22:23] sunflowermom30: so it was so cool….he immediately perked up
[22:23] sunflowermom30: mood lifted
[22:23] sunflowermom30: he was all sweet and happy again
[22:23] beckie_s: yay!!
[22:23] sunflowermom30: and the room…well, we’ll figure it out tomorrow
[22:23] beckie_s: it will still be there
[22:23] beckie_s: and as long as you aren’t leaking or anything, you’re good 😉
[22:23] sunflowermom30: yeah i guess it takes awhile for me to “get” what i need to do for my husband sometimes
[22:23] sunflowermom30: yeah so far it doesn’t appear to be any leaking
[22:23] sunflowermom30: not only that but tyren also perked up
[22:24] sunflowermom30: and by the time we were finally able to get going…he was happy to go!
[22:24] sunflowermom30: and had a blast all night!
[22:24] beckie_s: YAY!!
[22:24] sunflowermom30: yup, it was a good xmas

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