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this is a really intriguing article about homeschooling!

it makes me want to jump up and down by the end of it and say YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! LOL!!!

goodness i hope that policymakers in the US finally GET it about homeschooling…they should seriously respect parents and trust that we have the right to choose what we feel is the best education for our children…because for god’s sake can anyone actually say in any seriousness that the US has an excellent educational system…..uh, NO!!! can they say that our public education system SUCKS??? uh, YEAH! so with all the research out there on homeschooling (and i keep hearing of more and more…so it looks like there really is a LOT out there…and i’ve yet to hear of any that say homeschooling is bad)…talking about how great homeschooling is…how in the world could anyone argue against it?

hell, they even broach the social issue with the study above…sounds to me that homeschooled students are BETTER socialized!! good lord, it all is so friggin obvious to me, i just don’t get how there’s so many really ignorant people in the world that still think that homeschooling is bad. *rolling eyes*

actually, wanna hear something really weird? i talk to all kinds of homeschoolers all over the world on the net and have read about some really bad situations with friends, relatives and strangers regarding their reaction to homeschooling…but i’ve yet to have any real negative interaction yet!! in fact….i am shocked to say that every single stranger i’ve ever talked to about homeschooling has been fully supportive!!! years ago when i was talking to a little old lady at the target cafe about how i was planning to homeschool maeven (she was just about 3 at the time), started gushing about how wonderful homeschooling is!!! i ran into a lady at harry’s bagels not too long ago…also an older lady (though not as old as the first) and she said that SHE had homeschooled her kids! and how wonderful it was that i was homeschooling! and even my insurance guy just over a week ago said that its better to homeschool, “if you’re able to do it”…which i took to mean that not every family is equipped to have one person home to homeschool, which i do realize is a reality for many. but he didn’t blink at all about it and even was positive about it! surprised me! honestly surprises me every time i get positive feedback about homeschooling from strangers! i can’t think of a single stranger yet that has had negative things to say about it! (and that would stand out in my memory, i think.) the only negative i can think of was from a family member wondering about socialization…which doesn’t surprise me because its just not something that the average person is educated about. so i know it was just uneducation on the subject. i’m sure there are others in the family that are not so gung ho about me homeschooling maeven (and later, tyren), but they don’t vocalize it so thankfully i’m not bombarded with any negativity about it. i’m happy to be left alone in this. its something i will never budge on and am very very strong in my beliefs about so i’m happy to not have to deal with negativity from anyone.

i’m just really amazed that all the feedback i get is positive, regarding homeschooling. that’s just really neat!! i guess i’m lucky to live an a very homeschooling friendly area. i’m guessing its not this way in other parts of the country and world.

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