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ok so there’s a pattern of interest here that i’m sure anyone that has read any number of my posts is getting…i’m a bit obsessed with the topic of education right now. as well i should be, considering i am the one responsible for my children’s education (being the primary caregiver and homeschooler).

well someone just shared this article with our local homeschool egroup. wow. i mean i knew already that our nation’s education system was messed up but to have more specifics just really was interesting and horrifying at the same time.

particularly this part where the author says that (the dominant education reform current):

“sees discipline and structure as the keys to school improvement. Reform in this direction starts by asking, “What does the country need, what must all kids know to serve those needs, and how can we enforce the necessary learning?” In this direction, the curriculum comes first, schools are built around the curriculum, and students are required to fit themselves into a given structure, controlled from above. As a social good, it promotes national unity and strength. This is the road we’re on now with NCLB.” (No Child Left Behind)

That does seem so true though. As I’ve said before, I’ve subbed in our local public schools…and while I know I only got a very small taste of what is going on in the schools…I got enough of a taste to leave a bad taste in my mouth. And I know enough from that experience, and from my personal experience as a student, and from just things I hear from parents, (knowing that the stories are very typical)…to know that the American School System is just so screwed up its not even funny. And this is where the majority of children, the “Future of America”, spend most of their waking hours during their most formative years. Very very sad. No wonder America’s so screwed up. It’s all so messed up I wouldn’t even know where to begin to fix it, were it my job. Save tearing it all down and starting all over from scratch.

Yet again another reason that I am glad to be a homeschooler. And yet, I cannot completely wash my hands of the public school issue. Because, as someone so eloquently pointed out on one of my homeschooling groups…many of the children that our children associate with are being educated in the public schools. Most of the adults that our children will grow up to work with, have relationships with, have their own children with will have been greatly influenced by the public school system. It’s enough to give me a headache.

Ay yi yi, I can’t think any further on this today. Here’s another good read that approaches the issue on a more personal level. Now I need a break from this dilemma. Its too depressing right now.

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