would you let your wife out like this??

well MINE DID!! HA!

i put maeven’s halloween cat ears on at some point today when i was cleaning…and forgot i had them on when i went out tonite to return movies at blockbuster and get some food at trader joe’s.

first i went to blockbuster for a good 20min or more. then i went to trader joe’s…about halfway through my 20 or 30 min there a really sweet older couple said to me, as i was passing them in the aisle… “we really like your ears”…i was aghast! i was like “oh my! i totally forgot i had those on!” and ripped them off. they said “oh no!! don’t take them off!!! they are so cute!!!” and they sincerely meant it! (they were very sweet) so i put them back on and mumbled something about how i must look ready to go to a club, LOL!! got to the end of the aisle and sereptitiously ripped them off again.

got home and said “thanks HON for letting me know i still had these things on!!!” to which my ever kind hubby proceeded to laugh his ass off. great. very nice.

LOL! it WAS funny though! i had a friend years ago that taught preschool with me that once went to the bank with a yarn pony tail on…now i guess i’ve joined her silly ranks. LOL!

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  1. Spookygirl

    I have TOTALLY done that! I took a picture too of myself for my blog, and didn’t see the ears till I uploaded it to my computer, LOL!

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