working my way through a migraine

i’ve never blogged during the aura part of a migraine before…this should be interesting…i cannot see properly right now so forgive any typos. luckily i am a pretty good typer so hopefully this will be coherent.

dammit i have been getting more migraines again lately. it comes in spurts. i am waiting to take a vicodin til i feel the pain coming on…sometimes the pain isn’t so bad and i’d rather not waste a pill if i can help it. i don’t have that many and with no insurance, i won’t be able to get any anytime soon.

sucks not having insurance. i was just thinking the other day how good we are basically doing financially…to that point that we are able to eat out (nothing fancy or expensive, mind you) quite a lot…only because adam and i both HATE HATE HATE to shop for food and cook, bleh. but then i remembered that part of why we are able to afford things is because we only have the one car to pay for cuz our van isn’t ours. its my parents and they pay for it and let us use it. and also cuz we don’t have insurance for me. the kids have healthy families and adam has health insurance through work, but i don’t have anything unless i’m pregnant and on medi-cal. and since that’s NOT happening again (just discussing vasectomy again just today actually…something that we are going to for sure do very soon here)…i’m pretty screwed because that’s a lot of money to get individual health insurance. argh.

also i really hate to scrape, so we just don’t go buying frivolous stuff for the most part…we’re not big shoppers…and the only thing we really waste money on is eating out. now that’s a lot of waste, but i figure it balances out with the stress it reduces by not making me cook so much. i mean, i seriously HATE to cook.

so anyway, maybe i’m rationalizing, but oh well, that’s our life. i do plan to change that soon though cuz i really want us to start saving money and eating better. but i can only handle so many issues at a time so first i want to get through this rebuilding of our big room. the mold is now gone and we have to start reconstruction on the room now.

we’ll be replacing the carpet and rebuilding the walls, since half the carpet had to be thrown away and the walls torn apart to get the mold out. insurance isn’t paying for much either. still waiting to hear if they might pay for the carpet afterall…the mold guys said that it was ruined actually by the water and wouldn’t have been cleanable, but insurance guy heard from the first people to the scene that it WAS salvagable so he didn’t give us any money to replace it. well now that that’s changed, hopefully he’ll change and give us some money for it. we’ll see. crossing my fingers over here.

so anyway, i feel like i have to make it through rebuilding this room before i go changing anything big in our life. and changing habits like eating is a biggie, so i’m going to make it through the room rebuild and maeven’s birthday party (which is on hold til the room’s rebuilt) and then by then it might be xmas, so maybe i’ll make it a new year’s resolution to get our eating habits changed. gives me some time to work up to it and not stress any extra right now.

i’m also working right now on another holiday hoopla for mommy chats. that’s fun but a lot of work, so i need to focus on that because people pay me money to participate as a vendor in that. its dec 2-8 and i have much work still to do on it.

well i have other things i’d like to blog about so i’m going to start a new entry for that.

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