wild water today

adam got free tickets to wild water adventures from his boss and took today off so we could all go. it was really fun! although i have to say that i probably wouldn’t want to go more than once or twice a year. i had thought i would like a season pass but frankly that many people in one place is just kinda annoying to me. i guess i’m just not a crowd person. and it probably wasn’t super packed since it was a weekday. so i definitely wouldn’t want to go on a weekend!

anyway, tyren had a blast playing on all the little kid slides and water stuff…and maeven turned out to be quite fearless on the big slides! in fact…she went first with daddy (while tyren and i stayed in the little kid area) and got her first few runs, and then we traded and i took her and tyren stayed with adam…and maeven was quite the pro, showing me where to go and what to do. very cool. LOL. actually it was nice to not have to figure stuff out myself…nice to have my 7yr old show me “ok mom, now we go stand over here…” and “now we take the tube over here and give those people at the front of the line our tube and we go stand at the end of the line.” LOL. it was a proud moment for both of us! :)

it was quite fun! i had thought i wouldn’t be able to do any water sliding…kinda figured i’d be stuck in the kiddie area but i actually did get to go on a few a couple times and it was a blast! looking forward to when tyren’s older and can do it too!

we managed to not get sunburnt…what with all the sunscreen we slathered on and the kids in their sun suits and i kept my tshirt on…so i’m pretty proud of that too. and tyren is just now falling asleep so we managed to keep him from crashing out in the car on the way home (had to wake him a few times though, but it worked) since he hadn’t had a nap, i knew it was going to be an issue…but we managed. so all-in-all it went quite well!

and i’m now pooped but looking forward to some time on the computer to work on stuff…not sure where to start yet but i’ve been working on my new website every chance i get so i’ll have to fiddle with that some more. got to get the forums figured out.

anyway, fun day! gonna see if i can get tyren off the boob and laying by himself on the couch now so i can have my body to myself again. :)

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