where does he come up with these ideas?

i just came back from unwrapping my son from red masking tape around his legs. i didn’t take any pics because i was in a hurry to get it off because it was TIGHT! i was worried about his circulation!

WHERE does my son come up with these ideas?? it was wrapped many times around both legs, separate and together.

not to mention the waste of colored tape which is quite expensive.

guess where he got the idea from? his sister has several times wrapped her feet in the same tape to make “shoes”. *sigh* i keep having to have this discussion about NOT wrapping our bodies in tape, apparently.

honestly, i wouldn’t really care so much if it was cheap masking tape (not the colored kind) and not wrapped tightly. in fact, next time i’m at dollar tree i may just pick some up just for that purpose…for creative wrapping (after a little talk about not doing it too tight). and supervise.

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