what is wrong with people?

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it just blows my mind to see parents that are so unbelievably ludicrous in their ideas on parenting…how can they have half a brain and think that what they are doing and saying with their children ISN’T going to damage them?

like thinking its ok to tease and taunt children with something they KNOW will scare them (they WANT it to!!)…and then laugh because the (gullible) child fell for it. OMG! and calling a child “bad” repeatedly…for totally normal and natural child behavior! what a friggin idiotically cruel thing to do! of course the child grows up thinking (knowing! cuz mom/dad told them so!) that they are bad…so why bother trying to be anything but?

and what is wrong with people when their own egos get in the way of what’s best for their children? god forbid they should lose face when someone calls them on them being cruel and potentially damaging their child! nooooo…oh no…you couldn’t be wrong…no way…you must be right at all costs, even if it means damaging your child. of course the parent ego is far more important than any piddly child.

this kind of stuff just makes me sick. literally. physically ill. i just cannot stomach being around people like that. i just can’t.

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