What IS a “Free Spirit”?

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All this internet searching has me thinking about free spirits…so I googled it. Here’s an interesting definition of a free spirit in wikipedia:

“It refers to a human being who feels unconstrained by convention; rather, the spirit of liberty is paramount to that person.”

and better still:

“Free spirits are inclined to explore life and taste new experiences that hold true to the deepest parts of themselves vs. being influenced by what the masses around them are doing. They are often people who think freely and have the courage to hear their own voice and follow their own integrity.”

I’ve always sorta thought of myself as a free spirit…but never was really sure if I qualified. Hmmmmmm….maybe I do! By that definition, I’m pretty dang close. If not right on. Well depending on the day.

But I’ve always thought of really fun, expressive people like SARK as free-spirited…and me more as a wanna-be. People who just don’t care what the world thinks of them and instead live their lives as they feel, without worrying about what others think. People who live life to its fullest…really experiencing all the joy that life has to offer…revelling in it and tasting it daily. People it is a joy to be around, that make you feel good to be around them and to be part of their lives. That has always been MY definition of free-spirited and I know I don’t qualify by that definition…but I would like to someday attain that life. I want people to remember me when I’m gone…I want to have made an impact on the world. And I want to have been unique, and have given people things to think about. Maybe by the time I’m an old lady I’ll be that person. I really look forward to being an old lady. I want to be a really cool, unique old lady. Like the aunts in that witch movie with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman…what the heck was that named? Lemme google it…oh yes, Practical Magic.

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  1. Joyce Christine Colon

    Hi Ms. tina. 🙂

    I got across some definition of free spirit and I must say at times, I, too doubt whether I’m a free spirit. Funny how other people equate being free spirited to being irresponsible. I’m a free spirit but i want to say that i have my cherish values intact. But with your definition of what a free spirit is, I say “I’m happy to be one!”. (wink)Yahoo!!!!!!!

    I can feel your exuberant personality while I was reading your post. 🙂 Glad to meet one in here. 🙂 Be blessed.

  2. Alyssa

    Thank for the comments, Tina. I just turned 40, and I feel like I'm FINALLY feeling more "comfortable in my own skin." I don't know if I am exactly a free spirit. I still care what people think of me a lot. However, I love to experience new things, and I do feel like I pretty much do what I want. I don't like to feel tied to a job, and I'm glad I don't have children. I want to always feel like I'm free to go off on a new adventure, even it's just driving east in time to watch the sun rise. When something becomes too popular, it turns me off. Anyway, I feel I have the free spirit within me; and I have the rest of my life to develop it and set it (and myself) free!

  3. Anonymous

    I know this blog post is really old but I too was looking up the definition to "free spirit". I seriously think the term is another way to describe a certain kind of behavior in a positive and "politically correct" way.

    Now Ive met a lot of people that considered themselves free spirits over the years and they all have one common trait. They act irresponsibly and it doesn't bother them to do so.

    Most free spirits are usually people that will sleep around, break rules and laws and have questionable moral views

    me personally, I don't think being a free spirit is anything to be celebrated. Its not really a personality, its a behavior. If you take the aggressiveness out of words like stubborn, uncooperative, hard head, unyielding, inflexible and contrary and mix it with a little nonchalance you have a free spirit

  4. Tina

    well "b", obviously i disagree with you on this one…i've never thought of a free spirit as anything irresponsible or immoral, etc.

  5. Robin

    Hi All

    Also curious about the definition of what exactly is "free Spirit" … a Google search has led me here:)

    The official definitions which I have come across seem satisfying .i.e. "–noun
    a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist. " and other positive ones.

    However, somewhat in B's defense I do see what she means because there has been many (women especially … possibly cause those are the one's I interact with, being a man) who are unfaithful, irresponsible, and don't care about others feelings & emotions have used the term "free spirit" to justify who they are in their selfish & unfaithful behavior.

    I'd personally like to think that that is not what truly a "free spirit is".
    To me it should echo as it does in the official definitions … Individuality, imagination & nonconformity to societies mass opinion, BUT this does not mean a justification to negative behaviors like unfaithfulness, trustworthiness, selfishness etc …

    Just being true to oneself without the influence of mass opinion.


  6. F

    I have been involved with a 61 years old woman who considers herself a free spirit and based on what I have seen in her behavior in the 18 months we were dating, i have to agree with B's comments.

  7. Anonymous

    Free Spirit is defined by the beholder – I consider myself a free spirit, ie I just went off to California alone for 3 mths and wasn't confined by anyones rules whilst there….as for immorality and whom one is intimate with, these are personal choices which can pertain to any individual. People envy my freedom, which I have chosen in life by not conforming to rigid lifestyles. Thanks Tina for your Post.

  8. Luz

    Hi MS Tina
    I am almost 40, didn´t buy a house or a car (and here in Lisbon everybody does it on their 20´s), don´t have any kids and do not want to and i feel inprisioned just thinking about the "normal" life.
    I want to travel and meet different people and cultures…but I do think still about what others think because that´s how I was raised, but I end up doing what I want to…still, education and religion are very bigs "jails" for one to free itself. But I feel so much happier, younger and lighter like this

  9. Avi Lugassy

    Beautiful Article.

    Hi Guys,

    To me, being a free spirit is appreciating everything in life. It is seeking true beauty from the furthest depths no matter what the journey to get you there, it is finding the inner soul of every person you meet even if you have wade past the bad to find it, it means to see the beauty in everything, it means to love, even if you aren't loved back, it is to feel excited to wake up each day in the world around you and feel excited by every person you come across every time you meet.

    It is to wonder effortlessly how this is possible.

    It is to travel without worry of what you might miss should you stay, it is to take an action without regret of what you gave up to do so. It is to hear you own voice say you can, and action it with "i do".

    It is to find fun in every moment, to make fun of every moment, happy, sad or hard.. to see true beauty behind everything.

    To me it is believing everything happens as it should happen and to ride the waves with a smile on your face, which is real, even if you have to dig deep to find it.

    It is to cherish your friends and love your family.

    It is to cross oceans and skies with the biggest grin a human being can carry. It is to want more of your true self and ask nothing of those around you.

    It is to feel like you are a ship.. and this is not your port.

    A free spirit to me does care about their actions, because the beauty they see in everything they cherish.. which means each of their actions are done with beauty in mind. It means to hurt someone is not something to be proud of and it means to want for the true best of everyone around them.

    A free spirit to me is a good spirit, a kind spirit, a true spirit with true words even in the face of embarrassment a free spirit is like many other spirits.. just a free spirit is free.

  10. dreamer

    i wonder when does being a free spirit in a relationship cross over to being selfish about your own wants and needs. i have a 'free spirited' boyfriend who wants to go to a naked dinner party being held for a friend's birthday. i personally dont want him to be naked in front of all his/our female friends(half of them ex girlfriends of his). is that unfair of me to hold back his spirit and free will like that? or should he respect my feelings more? very interested in others' opininons on this….

  11. Acidmath

    since it is inherent in a free spirit to be non-conformist, categorizing yourself as one is against your nature. a free spirit will say hi to people walking down the street cuz you don't care if it weirds them out, you're just sharing your joy! when someone tells you you're wrong your first reaction is curiosity, not offense. and of course, a free spirit will usually love music, no matter your background. have a great day!

  12. scoggins

    I was called a free spirit last night by a guy that I went to college with and haven't seen in probably 13 years. I never knew or understood what it meant until I researched it like you did.

    I have never really sat down and thought about it but after reading several definitions hell I could be the poster child for it.

    I've never really conformed to convention ; I love odd,old,obscure things; however I do "follow" the rules but I really love to push the envelope as far as I can which sometimes bites me in the ass but that is the price that is paved to play on a razors edge.

  13. Unknown

    Very true how many of them are "Fake" free spirits. This is what I wrote to someone who claimed to be a free spirit (which explained exactly what that person were)

    “Free Spirit”
    – Free to do whatever you like when generally no one accepts or tolerates you for more than few weeks/months
    – Free to connect with animals/dogs and other non-human kind as they can’t really connect with other human kind. Because dogs/cats/etc., can’t tell you how they really feel about themselves
    – Free to just wander around and do things around aimlessly and hope someone will notice when life just refuses to offer anymore lemons
    – Run around clueless and annoy other purposeful spirits (including possibly the dead spirits! )
    – Finding alternate ways of getting things for free as much as you can , when you don’t find any real spirit connection with someone

  14. Unknown

    I am so happy to read this, Tina. The way you describe yourself is the perfect way I see myself, so thanks for that. I am 27 years old and I think I just can't live a normal life. Sometimes this feeling wears me out because although I don't wanna a normal life, I just can't decide what I really want and what I should do with my family. All I know is I wanna make a difference in the world and leave my mark on it once I am not longer here. I just wanna be a blessing in people's lives and bring them some joy and fun and excitement. I wanna them know they're loved and special just the way they are. For me, that is the real definition of a free spirit.

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