what about school is like the real world?

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a thought just occurred to me as i was reading an article in my CHN homeschoool journal…further evidence that there’s not much in GOING to school that is like the real world…is the feeling i remember distinctly after i graduated college. that feeling of…uhhhhhhh, what the heck do i do now? i went straight to college after high school and spent 4 and a half years getting my bachelors…so that was 13yrs + 4.5yrs….17.5 years going to school, straight…every school day for 17.5 yrs, minus sick days and vacation days…i had NO idea what to do with myself afterwards! it was a huge feeling. so weird!

oh ok i know that there is the day to day of a job, if that’s the route you take (vs being an entrepreneur, which i hope my children choose to be…but its entirely up to them)…but that is NOT something you need 17.5 yrs to figure out how it works, PLEASE! that one is pretty dang easy to figure out, LOL!

but really, it seems to me the daily routine of going to school mostly prepares you for doing things you don’t want to do. i mean, trains you that you HAVE to do things you don’t want to do. like, all the time. sure there are things that everyone has to do that they don’t want to do, at times… but you don’t need 17.5yrs of education to prepare you for that…you just need parents to expose you to the concept. not a hard one to do…there’s things i tell my kids are “not a choice” all the time…like wearing seatbelts, waiting for your turn in line at the post office, eating your “growing foods” before you can have a treat…not a hard thing to instill. not always easy, but not something that has to be drummed into them for 17.5yrs. they get it pretty quick during early childhood, methinks.

so it seems like the history of education is pretty accurate…that school IS for training worker bees. training children to think that they have few choices in life. that they HAVE to go to school, just like they HAVE to go get a job eventually and they HAVE to do it even if they hate it…because, heck, mom and dad made them go to school and they hated that and so now they have a job and they hate that but they HAVE to do it cuz that’s just what you do. took me a LONG time to figure out this can be road to unhappiness. that i don’t HAVE to do what makes me unhappy. so many people, i think, work jobs that just make them miserable…because they feel they have no choice…makes me wonder, now that i’m thinking of it…did this sort of attitude get started being imprinted on them as small children when they HAD to go to school…something that the vast majority of children really don’t want to do. i mean, sure there are some children that like school but they are few and far between.

just makes me wonder…what sort of disservice are we doing to our children by forcing them into this “jail” or sorts at an early age…are we setting them up for a lifetime of working jobs they hate? its not very common for people to finally figure out that they really don’t have to work where they are unhappy. that there are many alternatives.

ok its very unscientific of me, but just makes me wonder if this forced education could be at least part of the problem with this mentality in our society that we have to go daily to jobs we dread.

so what is the alternative? schools that children actually enjoy going to, that are set up entirely differently so that they actually have choices and education is truly a fun thing…something i think really IS possible….and then grow little entrepreneurs that really know that the sky’s the limit in the possibilities for their lives! they really don’t HAVE to do the “grind”…unless they choose to. they can do ANYTHING they want! there are ways to make money doing pretty much anything these days!

i prefer to raise free-thinking entrepreneurs than worker bees. but of course everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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