what a waste of a week

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we’ve all been sick this week which made for a real fun week. not!

i pretty much decided halfway through the week that we might as well scrub this week as far as homeschooling. got nearly nothing done. between us all being sick (myself included, and i got it last so i was really feeling nasty for much of the week…the kids were getting better…although maeven got worse again in the last couple days when a nasty cough developed).

my mom pointed out something to me…if she’s sick enough that i would have kept her home from school (if she was going to school), that i shouldn’t homeschool either. makes sense. although it is easier to still get a few things done like some reading and such.

anyway things got further complicated when my mom kept having things that made it impossible for her to take tyren as planned. so there was nobody taking tyren off my hands at all this week, for a variety of reasons. well it couldn’t be helped. so we’ll just chalk it up to a crappy waste of a week.

the only good thing that really came out of the week was getting to go to the “walking with dinosaurs” show last nite. i got free tickets for our family because i did a contest on my fresno family site and gave away tickets to another family. pretty dang cool cuz that was a very expensive show!! i love doing contests! 🙂 good show too!

*sigh* and adam’s gone tonite…came home from work and had to do a phone interview for a job for an online company. and then he had to go do some stuff for his mom and brother and he’s not going to be back anytime soon as far as i can tell. so i guess i’m putting the kids to bed myself. that’s always fun. especially after a crappy day. ah well…life goes on. *sigh* i’m just so tired of the way things have been going…there has to be something GREAT happening around here soon!

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