well the story isn’t over yet…

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yesterday i was informed of this statement from the no on prop 8 website:

Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied.

Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Given that fundamental rights are at stake, we must wait to hear from the Secretary of State tomorrow how many votes are yet to be counted as well as where they are from.

It is clearly a very close election and we monitored the results all evening and this morning.

As of this point, the election is too close to call.

Because Prop 8 involves the sensitive matter of individual rights, we believe it is important to wait until we receive further information about the outcome.

YAY! maybe there’s still hope! i seriously cannot even believe that california can do this. its just so wrong! as my brother put it yesterday when i talked to him about it “you can’t legislate morality” and i know a lot of people said the same thing around this proposition.

so the one thing i was told, but i’ve not found a link to this info yet…is that in most states it takes 2/3 majority to change the state constitution…not what is looking like a barely passing margin.

oh and here’s some more interesting info i just found. and here’s info on the lawsuit that’s been filed already.

i’m really glad to see people are challenging this. i am so mad at the friggin churches for getting involved in this crap! its because of their money that this even got as far as it did.

come on people, this is america. remember the “all men are created equal” thing? this is NOT equality when you single out gay americans and tell them they don’t have the same rights as straights. that’s just SO WRONG.

i’m really pulling for the no on 8 people. i hope they get something done!

and, here’s a great video that shows what i’m feeling about this whole thing:

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