well i’m obsessive

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so i haven’t been posting being i’m not happy with the graphics…is that anal or what? i can’t post my daily thoughts because my blog isn’t pretty enough! WAH! lol!

i have someone who’s supposed to be helping me create a pretty blog but i can’t get her to respond to my emails now. she started the process…but now that i found some graphics i like, she has disappeared. rhonda says she’s got some family issues…so i don’t want to keep bugging her. but i am frustrated that i don’t know how to add these graphics to the set up she started for me…and i don’t have the time or energy right now to sit down and figure it out myself. i probably could figure it out if i only took the time. but i’ve got soooooooo many other projects right now. i wanted someone else to do this one project FOR me for a change…*sigh* well, hopefully she’ll turn up again soon.

there’s just so much going on in my life right now i cannot even begin to write about it all right now because maeven and i are going to the library storytime. oh and now the phone is ringing.

and now maeven is shouting for me. ARGH.

gotta go.

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