well 2 things down

my list is slowly being pared away…

today is maeven’s birthday and so that’s one thing out of the way that i no longer have to prepare for (her party is still coming up…this saturday…so there’s still that to prepare for)

the birthday fairy came as usual and decorated the kitchen, maeven’s chair, the hallway to our family bedroom and the doorways to the bedroom and kitchen (as usual), and left fairy dust everywhere she flew. (very sparkly and exciting for the kiddos!) she also left maeven a mermaid crown! (hand made!!) and a bella sara plush horse (w/special cards) and a notebook for her to write stories about her bella sara horses, beanies, and webkinz.

and mommy and daddy got her a binder with protector pages to put her collector’s cards in. a pack of special cards, and a book of unicorn short stories. she loved them all, of course!

so that’s one thing down…and the other thing is that i voted! i got us all out the door and we arrived at the polling place around 11:40am and there was no waiting! i knew they were predicting long lines today, so i wanted to try to get in there before the rush. apparently it worked! 🙂

ok so now i still have a long list of things to get done, but for now i am going to revel in have 2 less things. 🙂

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