waking from my past

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very weird. i just woke up from a very long and detailed dream about a guy from my past. he was a very dear friend during college and i’ve had periods of time in my life where i was obsessed with him before…when i met adam i was really dealing with some deep hurt feelings over him and finally called him to talk about it and even took adam to sacramento with me and visited him. so i’ve talked to him and seen him since i moved to fresno. nine or so years ago. alot has happened since then…i can’t imagine he’s still in that same house from college, but he was then, and it was 8 or 9 years that he’d been there at that point, so who knows? i’m going to maybe try calling that number that i’ve had memorized all these year. (long history at that house…after college a bunch of my dorm friends moved in there and i had a boyfriend that lived there for awhile, so i spent a lot of time in that house.)

anyway, it just is so weird, what the heck made me dream about michael martin? very strange. i haven’t thought of him for years. he’s not even an old boyfriend, although he sorta nearly was…he used to like me a lot but i just was too close to him to go that route…we sorta dated briefly but it was way too weird cuz we had been like best friends for so long and i was dating one of his friends at the time. long story.

well, so now i’m doing internet searches looking to see if he’s out there on the net somewhere…always interesting when i do that, lol!! you know how many friggin “mike martin”s there are? a LOT!

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