waiting for the return from russia

i seriously do not know how people parent their children without the grandparents. i am dealing with 3 weeks of no help from my parents while they and my brother are in russia on a charity trip. (they went with my dad’s church to work on some russia resort that is all old and in dire need of fixing up and the church bought it and is turning it into a retreat center)…i knew that i really appreciated their help before…but now i REALLY appreciate it. and it does make me feel all the more reason to never move away from them.

which is a real tricky thing too for me because i really don’t like fresno. i would love to move away from here in a second! i really want my kids to grow up in a picturesque town away from this god-awful heat and hideous air and lack of beauty. there’s just not any beauty here. i want to live somewhere with nature all around and a sense of community. fresno just doesn’t have it. there are some way cool people here, though, at least! i would miss them. but i would make new friends.

*sigh* dreaming of a better place to live…if i could just get my family to move with us…

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