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  1. Spookygirl

    cool! I so remember being #98 or what ever of 100 students in my clinical psych class. It was too early in the morning, and I’d sleep head down on my desk. No one noticed, and I got a B

  2. Tina

    yeah this is one of the reasons i don’t put a whole lot of stock into college education. of course there are certainly careers you cannot pursue without a college degree (doctor, lawyer, etc) but for a lot of jobs you just don’t need it. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting a college degree and if you really put work into it you CAN certainly learn something but i just think too much stock is put into getting a college degree…assuming that that will better you when i really feel like its not the only route to education. there’s so much more you can learn OUTSIDE of college requirements. i think all the testing and papers took the education right out of the experience honestly.

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