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just posted this on my local mommy group…thought it was relevant here too:

ok so the poor little bugger’s rash doesn’t LOOK bad anymore…but now he’s scratching like CRAZY! constantly! so i’ve started taking dairy out of my diet and his recently… just a few days so far…and he’s still having pretty bad nites (though not like before) so i called dr sue stone‘s office this morning…the issue being money…i needed to see if they took healthy families…which i figured was a long shot.

well it turns out they do! well we’ll see if its really true because i still feel its too good to be true…but she says they have one other patient who has healthy families and they are paying for it…so i’m excited!

i’m calling them this morning to get my packet of info and i’m taking this little guy in asap! he’s just miserable! this has gone on WAAAAY too long! he’s mostly fine when he’s distracted but resorts to clawing the hell outta himself in between. and forget leaving him diaper-less to help with the diaper rash…he claws so bad i swear he’s going to rip his penis off! luckily i’ve been managing the diaper rash pretty well with the creams and very frequent diaper changes…but if i slip and leave him in a diaper for just a little too long, it comes right back…so this is just all not right and he needs help, bigtime.

my poor little guy! i am hoping once we get to the root of this problem that maybe he’ll be happier again…i know its absolutely maddening itching so much!

i’m still very frustrated with mary graves…because in 2 visits she never once mentioned that an allergy could be behind this…and its very obvious that it is an allergy! she just recommended all the creams and ointments and baths…but none of that solves the root of the problem! ok, that’s allopathic medicine for ya, i know…but how can it be so blatantly obvious to me and yet they continue to practice band-aid medicine? well, i can’t say THEY, because i feel like dr k would have probably mentioned allergies…he’s not hollistic but he seems like he would have talked about that…

you know, i like mary graves for being able to talk to someone when i’m frustrated with parenting and what’s going on and such…but i just don’t have a whole lot of faith in her medical abilities lately. plus she keeps pushing vaccination. not that that surprises me.

on a side note…i’m reading a REALLY fantastic book all about vaccinations, if anyone wants to know…it’s by dr randall neustaedter, who, incidentally, does a monthly chat on my website www.mommychats.com and there are transcripts available. here’s a link to the latest transcript and there is a link to his books there and all his other chats as well. and his next chat is next week!

this book, “the vaccine guide” is just what i’ve been looking for…it is definitely slanted in an anti-vaccination view, but at the same time i think he very well gives value to the other view that the diseases can be scary too…he offers alternatives to the all or nothing approach…talks about full vaccination vs no vaccination vs selective vaccination vs delayed vaccination…etc etc…and talks about how each parent needs to make their own decision on their own situation…really great info! plus he goes into all the issues around vaccinations, history, etc and goes through each and every disease and vaccination currently available…explains the risks of the diseases AND the vaccines, so you can make an informed choice for your children. i am really so thankful to finally have gotten it and i think it will finally help me and my husband make an informed decision…which is his whole point. that parents NEED to be informed on all this stuff before they choose. to go blindly into it is just not wise…there are SOO many factors involved in vaccinations. wow, this book is just REALLY good! i can’t say that enough! just thought i’d mention that.

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings Tina!
    Thank you for the invitation to mommychats. I haven’t participated yet, and I hope to soon. Hey, have you tried putting Tyren on a raw diet for a while. Gabriel Cousins Living Food is great reading for background rational.
    I truly believe the notion that an 80% raw and 20% acid/cooked food diet is best during any healing process.
    Maybe you could keep the yogurt. If you do, use Seven Stars Plain and mix it with agave or other fruit until Tyren aquires the taste.
    Do you already know that allergies are also primarily linked to digestive issues? Have you already omitted wheat and gluten products and processed foods from your diet? If you haven’t, do so at your earliest convenience. Millet is a great cooked replacement for rice cereal, and it’s a great adult cooked breakfast cereal as well. (But consider adding 3-4 drops of grapefruit seed extract to his drinks 2 times a day, adding yogurt every morning to his menu, and adding green drinks or smoothies to his diet (I just recently learned that green drinks-chlorophyll are extremely beneficial to the skin), a good probiotic, an Omega 3 supplement like flax oil or cod liver oil.)
    When I ommitted it from my family’s diet, I thought something was wrong with us, but when you do more research you’ll find that the grain TODAY is much different than it was 3,000 years ago. It has much more protein and 75% more gluten than it did before. This was very reassuring to me, because I could tell myself that nothing was wrong with my daughter, but that it was today’s food. I stopped vaccinating my daughters months ago. I don’t even know how long it’s been now.
    Well, I’m going to cut this short. I didn’t plan on writing so much. I just had to share. My youngest daughter had an intestinal challenge that could have taken her life, and giving her yogurt, calcium, animal products (fish and chicken) and grapefruit seed extract along with a tea brought her around. She is great now, and I’ve been able to take out much of the meat. My oldest, who is 4, has had eczema since she was 13 months old, and it’s been under control for 2 years. Now, it is slowly going away due to other changes and a new probiotic I’ve purchased.
    I’d be happy to share some links with you, about diet and how to naturally fight allergies.
    Take care,
    Aspiring Children’s Author and Blogger @ http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/zeiglerfamily/ or http://zeiglerhomechoolingjourney.blogspot.com/ (I just know I want to blog!)

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