update on life at the smith’s

life has been hectic around here…i usually forget i even have a blog. well, i guess i should update this.

so my website www.mommychats.com is coming along nicely…and the partnership with mothering magazine (www.mothering.com) is slated to kick off sept 1. so i need to figure out the darn banner rotation program i have! i am going to be charging for adspace, so i can finally make some moolah! which we really need, because we’ve been blowing through money lately like crazy.

discovered yesterday that we are in the red in our checking account…that’s so my fault, i just have not been paying attention to what we’re spending. since baelin died i just don’t care about stuff like that so much and i just don’t pay much attention. well i need to start cuz we were finally doing really good financially and now we’re screwing up…so i gotta crack the whip on myself and get this stuff back in order. adam’s gonna ask for an advance on his paycheck today and maybe we can straighten some of this out here.

starting up my mommy & me classes again…starting monday, aug 2. i’m very excited! i really enjoy doing them, and i am going to tweak things a bit, so it’ll be a bit different this time around. hopefully it will go well.

well there’s lots more going on, but i want to get working on my website stuff while maeven’s sleeping, so i’ll do more of this later.


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