up early! brain going a million miles a minute already!

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i’ve been awake since probably about 6 or 6:30am…finally snuck outta bed (tyren tends to thrash in the morning when the sun comes up and nurse a lot, so i have to wait til he settles into a deep sleep again…which can take quite some time) …had to pee and know this is my opportunity to get up and do some computer work uninterrupted and guilt free if i get up early while its still a sleeping house…

yesterday i got quite a lot accomplished! hope to do even more today! yesterday while i was showering (alone, i might add…a real treat!) i asked adam to bring me the baking soda and a scrubber sponge…that tub was disgusting! even blind (without my glasses in the shower) i could see the yuckies, bleh! so i spent a good hour/hour and half in there after i finished my body, scrubbing down that tub and the tile walls. wow what a difference (pat self on back) …course, near the end, tyren had to come join mommy and “help” scrub the tub…LOL. had to work around him. but still got it all done! not perfect, but pretty dang good if i do say so myself!

and then…when we were outside a little later, i started attacking the weeds in the backyard. we have this patch of pure weeds that i just ignore most of the year, as its the back corner of the yard…between the back of the shed and the corner of our fence…its a pretty big patch, but too much work usually for me. well yesterday i decided it needed to get cleaned up so we could use that area for the children to play in. i have been intending to make a sand box in there for them…decided to make one like this…but bigger. my dad said he found some plastic boards to use to make it. i’m stoked! i want it to be like 8ftX8ft or maybe even 10ftX10ft…i picture it big like the one there was at harmony day school, that preschool i worked at all those years ago…big enough for like 10 children or so! lots of room for imaginations to go wild!

and i want to get a plastic playhouse to put next to it…and a picnic table. i figure we can put the picnic table on one side, up against the shed…and maeven and i can do her school work outside while tyren plays. i’ve discovered he’s happy as a clam for the most part if we are outside…and now that the weather is warm enough, he just goes in a diaper and plays in the water and dirt all day. wonderful to finally have a way to keep him happy and still be able to accomplish things!

he’s so cute, he was helping me rake weeds up yesterday. kept grabbing a rake and dragging weeds around…then off to play somewhere else or find daddy, then back again to help again. so funny.

not sure yet what to do with our climbing structures…we have 2 plastic ones…i may put them in this area or i may move them…not sure yet. i want to rearrange the yard more and make it very child-safe and fun. its looking pretty dang good, i must say!
the swings are a huge hit…the kids swing all the time now…maeven finally getting the hang of pumping. at 6.5 i was a little concerned that it was taking her awhile to really get it…but honestly, she just doesn’t have a lot of practice time, so its really not her fault. up til recently we didn’t spend a lot of time in the yard…and we don’t go to parks that often. so when was she supposed to get the time to really practice? she’s doing pretty great now though.

i have about half of the area to weed still…adam even helped hula hoe it for awhile yesterday…i’d rake up all the stuff that wasn’t attached and he’d come through and hula it and i’d follow him and rake up what he had dug up. what a team! 🙂 i finally got really tired though and had to stop…plus i had inhaled a LOT of dust. still coughing from that.

i was REALLY tired and a little sore last nite after all that work…but the yard is coming along nicely! really exciting to see!

more work to be done today…hmmm…where to start.

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