ugh, “aunt flo” and children’s squabbles

i don’t get horrid periods…but i’m crampy today and not feeling up to doing much. not to mention, tyren woke up last night for some reason (NO idea why! he’s not sick or anything) and stayed awake talking to me and kicking me for what seemed like 2 hours! not sure what time it started but in the middle i looked at the clock and it was like 5am or something. lovely. so i’m tired from that too.

and my kids fighting is exhausting me. i have to say that right at this moment they are both happily playing together outside in the sandbox…with the hose. they love playing in the wet sand and water. we’ll see how ….oh lookee, i didn’t even get to finish that sentence and then they were coming in the door. well that didn’t last long. but they did get some time to play together outside for a little while. that was nice! 🙂 i’ll just revel in the babysteps.

now tyren is taking a bath and i finally talked maeven into some quiet reading in her room. today is a lax day. i just don’t have the strength for anything more. although i do have a plan to do some prep work on her math studies so i’ll be ready to do our next lesson…hopefully when daddy gets home.

i just had a thought as to why things have gotten worse around here lately…i really think alot of it is because tyren has gotten so cantankerous lately. not that i really want to put this all on him…but when he turned 3 he really changed…well right around there…it was really almost like a switch though…he got soooo much harder to handle. to the point now where everything seems like a fight. its absolutely exhausting! and unfortunately maeven, like me, has NO patience for his little quirks. we both just go off the deep end whenever he does anything the least bit irritating or fights us on doing or not doing something. it just goes round and round.

so what i need to do at this point is come up with some techniques to deal with tyren that actually work…and if i can get my son under some sort of control (although i doubt i will be able to SOLVE this…just find some things that work to help us ride it out til he outgrows this difficult stage) then i suspect maeven’s grouchies will start to lessen as well. and her meanness towards him. we’ll see. its just a theory right now.

also…2 more things i think will help with maeven…finding some foods she actually likes that i can get her to eat on a regular basis…i feel like i need to try to get her to eat something every hour or 2 since she really doesn’t eat at meals and so she needs more fruit or some other healthy snacks on a regular basis that will help keep her blood sugar more level and less of the up and down. i do think both my kids are affected by these ups and downs in blood sugar and that if i can get them both to eat more often, that might help as well.

the other thing i think will help with maeven will be when i can get use of the big room again and get more of an activity schedule for my children…actually this will help both of them too…i plan to really get lots of things for them to do regularly…right now i just don’t feel prepared to do this sort of thing because i’m constantly struggling to get the house clean as it is…i really don’t want to use my kitchen for projects if i can avoid it, because it just feels like a LOT more work since i really don’t have storage space right now for anything…OR, here’s another thought…maybe i can figure out some sort of temporary storage idea to be able to store supplies and projects in progress and whatnot. some sort of rolling cart or something that we can then use in the big room as well. hmmm, have to think on that some more…that might be a possibility. something on wheels might actually work because then i can move it around the house to wherever its needed. hmmm…i think i’m going to go research that right now actually…i know i saw something like that in discount school supply before.

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