“U.S. School Children Need Less Work, More Play”

Really interesting article just shared on our local homeschool group. Its a very short read.

The best part is that what they are saying negates the whole socialization argument against homeschooling! LOL!

To clarify: The argument against homeschooling so often heard (ad nauseum) is that homeschoolers aren’t getting enough socialization because they’re not in school…So this article says:

“a growing trend of curbing free time at school may lead to unruly classrooms and rob youngsters of needed exercise and an important chance to socialize.”

So they are saying that without recess and such, there’s no socialization at school! HAW!

To which some would say…but for the schools that still have the freetime…there IS socialization…to which *I* would say…how positive IS that socialization, eh?? Let’s see….bullying, sexual harassment, kids just being mean to each other…fights, cursing, etc etc etc…yeah…not what I want for MY kids.

Let’s see how it works in a homeschooling environment…we get together in a group setting every week with other homeschoolers…first of all, smaller setting (kids are less likely to get lost in the crowd) and parents are right there to monitor. It’s happened, I’ve seen it recently…where a child was left out and her feelings were hurt…my child was involved…and guess what happened? The mom immediately got involved. Which caused the other moms (myself included) to get involved…things were talked out, parents explained how things needed to be and helped the kids work it out…problem solved. How often do teachers on a playground get this involved? Uh, most likely never…or rarely. They don’t even KNOW when things are happening, most of the time! Because there’s so dang many kids! I’ve done playground duty when I was a sub in our public schools here. You just basically watch for physical stuff happening. Make sure kids are physically safe. You have NO idea what’s being said to whom. No wonder there’s so much meanness happening with kids…also teachers often view the nasties as just normal “kids will be kids” behavior. Parents usually don’t. We nip it in the bud immediately. It just doesn’t get much bigger because we’re literally RIGHT THERE to guide them and stop things from getting really bad. I can say that from personal experience now.

So, anyway, just thought that was interesting. :)

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