tyren’s sleep, or lack of

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so i kept tyren awake yesterday…no nap…and he fell asleep at 8:30pm! earliest in over a week! actually longer than that! he NEVER goes to sleep that early! like ever! and it was late enough still that he stayed asleep all night. although, one problem is that he doesn’t sleep really deep when he goes down that early. so he wakes up a lot and has to be nursed back down. i’m hoping that will change as time goes on. we’ll see. i’m still waiting to see if he really is ok with cutting out his nap.

the problem had become that he wasn’t napping until after 3pm. i just haven’t been able to get him down before then. then he’d sleep past 5 (waking him up early is practically impossible…he sleeps like a rock like his daddy) and wouldn’t go back to sleep again til around midnite! every nite! this has been driving me NUTS! i really need to have either evening computer time or earlier bedtime! either way, i want this kid to sleep earlier! so after over a week of being frustrated every single nite cuz of how late he was staying up (some nites it was past 1am!) so i kept him from napping yesterday…not knowing whether he would be mr cranky pants all afternoon or what…well we had our moments, sure…but he really handled it well…we’ll see if that continues…its only been one day. i was trying to decide if i would keep him up again today…he ended up staying awake so made the decision for me. i’m watching him to see whether or not this is going to work. i really hope it does because naps are really seriously a pain.

i mean, it is nice to have that time when he’s sleeping…but every evening its turned into a fight to get him to sleep and i’m soooo sick of it! it means that i get little or no computer time (to work on all the piles of stuff i always have to work on) and i just get frustrated every nite. so i’m really hoping that he’s ready to ditch the nap…but we’ll see…if he is showing signs of sleep deprivation, i’ll go back to naps. last nite he slept for nearly 12 hours…from about 8:30pm til about 8am…and woke up happy…so far so good. we’ll see.

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