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so my poor baby boy has been having issues with his skin. last week i took him to the dr and they said he has eczema and to put these 3 ointments on to heal it because its infected…that’s why it’s so inflamed…and give him baking soda baths and slather him all over with aquaphor (a moisturizing/healing cream that’s frickin’ expensive!)

so i’ve been doing this but within a few days i ran out of the ointments and only had the aquaphor left. and i wasn’t convinced it really had helped much but i did seem like it did help some.

today i took him back to the dr’s office again because he is seriously sleeping like crap. last nite he woke up crying and thrashing literally every 30-60min or so and it went on most of the nite…happening about 10-15 times! i even got up and took him to rock in the living room and that just made him thrash and cry more. i was seriously feeling sleep deprived this morning. like i got hit by a truck.

so i took him back and mary graves (pediatric nurse practitioner at dr kratzer’s office) said that i need to keep doing the ointment and also that the thrashing could be because he’s started walking and that its normal for babies to have restless sleep for like 6weeks around a big developmental milestone like this. oh and also that his pee might be burning his rash and that might be why he’s waking crying.

so tonite i bathed him in baking soda, slathered him with all the ointments and creams, put him in his new pjs and a disposable diaper and am crossing my fingers that he’ll actually sleep tonite.

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  1. Anonymous

    Greeting again, Tina!
    I don’t know how to find your e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail me at envz@msn.com. I just read your entry about Tyren’s skin, and I think I can offer more advice.
    But, consider a naturapath as soon as possible, or due to finances, look into healing his skin naturally. You will find answers. The creams and oitments will only suppress the condition and cause more problems later (e.g. stunted growth, asthma, etc.,) It’s a shame that conventional doctor’s don’t tell mom’s this, but it’s true. http://www.mercola.com and Shirley’s Wellness Cafe are chockfull (did I spell that right?) of information.
    Take care,

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