tyren’s 1 year old today!!!

oh man he is just the cutest! the birthday fairy came and decorated the doorway to the family bedroom as usual, and all the way down the hallway and into the kitchen and his high chair. brought him a “1” baseball cap. guess she realized he doesn’t do dressup yet so he would actually get more use out of a cap then a crown, like maeven usually gets. :)

from his mommy, daddy and maeven he got a boynton board book and a baby einstein dvd. (mommy was doing last minute shopping at the end of a long day and baby was getting tired and cranky so that’s all she could come up with from target.)

later we’re going to go get him a clown cone from baskin robbins.

the party isn’t for a few weeks…i had it planned for the 22nd, the sat after my parents and bro got back from russia…but then i found out adam has an out of town shoot that weekend…argh! so it may be the 29th if i can ever get ahold of his dad to make sure there’s nothing scheduled for that weekend already. argh argh argh!!

i’ll post some pics of tyren later…right now he’s nursing and sleeping in my arms and adam hasn’t uploaded the pics from the camera yet.

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