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i never did update how tyren’s going…woops! yes he’s sleeping better…that last post was after a really hellish nite. he’s back to his normal restless sleep. which is not easy, but much more tolerable.

i switched him to disposable diapers at nite…i’m still not entirely certain they help…but they don’t hurt and i don’t feel so inclined to jump up and run to the other room to get a new diaper for him now in the middle of the nite when he wakes up crying. he’s also waking up crying less…more just stirring and less crying…and when he does cry…not so hard, usually. he is still itching though. poor baby.

i haven’t been putting lotion on him so much cuz his skin really looks ok now. still feels scratchy on his back and belly…but his legs are mostly healed now and his diaper rash is usually gone. every once in awhile it will get red again but most diaper changes it looks pretty normal. if i know i’m not going to be able to change him for longer than normal i put aquaphor on him and that seems to help ward off the worst redness.

i have had a lot of advice to take him and myself off of dairy and i am so not wanting to do that but i suppose i should at least try it. its really hard though because i am a total cheese addict. i will have a really hard time staying off of cheese. most everything else would probably be ok…i’m not usually eating tons of dairy every day but the things that i do eat with cheese i eat frequently and can’t eat them without. like tacos. how the heck do you eat tacos without cheese? yuck.

so i’m thinking of trying to do it for just a week…that will be hard enough. if i do notice a significant change i’ll think about it further. but man, its going to be very hard. i sure hope its not dairy doing this to him.

i’ve also gotten a lot of other advice but frankly haven’t had time to think much about it all. i’ll sort through it when i can. i keep getting sidetracked by other things.

  1. Angela

    If you need a replacement for cheese you could try tofu-rella. It doesnt really melt but you can shred it. I hear it is one of the better tofu cheeses…ot yummy but better than no cheese LOL!

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