tyren is 3!!!

last week was tyren’s 3rd birthday (on the 8th). the birthday fairy came, as usual, and decorated the doorway to the family bedroom:

down the hall:

through the entryway:

to the kitchen doorway:

where we saw this:

the sign on the kitchen table says “happy 3rd birthday tyren, love, the birthday fairy”

and here’s what tyren’s chair looked like:

i don’t know if you can see in the pic, but there’s gold fairy dust all over everything (you can see it on the tray). the fairy leaves it wherever she flies.

and on his tray, on his birthday, she had left a hard hat with his name on it and a homemade toolbelt!!

here he is modeling them and playing with his new tool bench that mommy and daddy got for him (and an extra set of tools!):

pictures of his construction birthday party will be next…right now i have a cranky 3yr old that wants some time on the computer. *sigh*

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