Trying to get my brain to work

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It’s the first day of 2021 and yesterday we got our stimulus check direct deposited to our bank account so we were able to catch up on some bills and I was able to buy some things we’ve been needing for a while. Like some clothes. Though I didn’t find anywhere near as much as we needed. My son has grown out of everything and I couldn’t find much for him yet. Still gotta go back and look for more on another day. Target was just out of good stuff when we went yesterday. And we went to 2 Targets!

But the one thing I’m the most excited about is that I was able to FINALLY purchase the theme for Tina’s Learning Adventures (and on sale!!!) that I’ve been wanting to get for a while!

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to buy it, but the more I worked on the site, the more I realized I would need to. All the stuff I was working on was just SO.MUCH.WORK. And this theme just tidies up so much and makes things so much easier, I think. I’m still figuring out how to use it but it already makes everything look SO SLICK so I think I made the right choice. In the long run, it should save me a lot of work, I think.

Everything for websites always takes time to learn at first, so it isn’t unusual to take a bit to figure out. But today I just cannot get my brain to function and figure this stuff out. I told my son that it feels like these gears in my brain are slipping and slipping and just not able to hook up and function properly. But I know from experience that eventually, once I’ve had enough time to keep at it and keep thinking thinking thinking and sorting through things that eventually those gears will finally connect and they will start to move things forward. It always happens like this for me when I’m working on my sites.

I actually really enjoy this process. If I didn’t struggle like this, it wouldn’t feel so damned awesome when I FINALLY GET IT. When things finally connect and I figure stuff out.

Life would just be SO BORING if everything came easily. SERIOUSLY!!!

If my brain figured stuff out super easily I cannot even imagine how dull life would be to me. I do wish I sometimes that I could figure things out a wee bit quicker…but it’s the challenge of figuring stuff out that feels so damned good. So I will keep trying and keep researching and keep on thinking.

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get all these pieces of my site to fit together basically. It’s not something I can just google and find an answer because no one else out there has a site exactly like mine. No one is trying to do exactly what I am doing. So I go and ask questions on the Facebook groups and ask for help from people that know more than me in regards to working with the plugins and programs that I’m using…but it still comes down to me having to keep learning and thinking about what I want to do and figuring out what I want for my customers and my site and figure out how I want this site to look and function.

And I HAVE to learn the ins and outs of so many tedious things to sort out how to make these pieces work together. It gets really frustrating trying to figure out, but it’s a necessary part of the process. And I know it will all be worth it.

But in the meantime, when I’m stuck with my brain still slipping gears, I’m over here trying to get this damn brain of mine to FUNCTION and start to actually figure this shit out!!

Ok, back to work! I got a Pepsi (sometimes the sugar and caffeine jolt helps), and I got my Bruce Springsteen playing…maybe the combination will finally jolt some good thinking here!

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