too many opportunities, too little time!

aaaaaaahhh! i’m having a dilemma of having too much to choose from for maeven right now! i am making it a point to get her involved in different things so she can get the socialization that all the non-homeschoolers always seem to be way more worried about than the homeschoolers, LOL! (i always see it referred to as “the dreaded S word” on homeschooling groups…its become somewhat of a joke because we all are bombarded with the question repeatedly…which we all know is just ridiculous because school isn’t the only place to be socialized! but i digress…lol) anyway there are some really great opportunities coming up…

  • a spiral scouts group is forming
  • i’m organizing the beginning of an ongoing homeschool science class at the discovery center (i won’t be teaching it…i’m just helping to get it started).
  • maeven’s art classes will be starting up again next week (she’s been doing it for nearly 3 years now and these classes are so important to her…being the extremely obsessed little artist that she is)
  • i’m forming a very small intimate playgroup for her to meet weekly with (to form intimate bonds with a few children…i feel this is very important for her and so i’m seeking out people to connect with and see how maeven and them relate to each other…if they click or not)
  • and also, maeven has been expressing a desire to start going to gymnastics again. so i’m looking into the possibility of forming a homeschool gymnastics group at gymnastics beat, a place we used to go to but stopped for awhile…otherwise we’ll just maybe check out the regular classes again…though they are late in the day and i’m not sure that will work for us.

there’s also:

  • kid yoga–on hold because they changed the class day and maeven hasn’t been all that interested in it lately
  • regular girl scouts–i’ve just not tried getting her involved yet because we didn’t need one more thing to do and i’m not sure i really want her to do girl scouts…not sure exactly why but now that spiral scouts is starting, i think that might be a better fit for us.
  • lots of friends her age we can set up playdates with weekly…just not enough time in the week!

anyway, there’s just too many possibilities! we were really enjoying not having any weekly activity on our schedule these past few weeks and so i’m hesitant to end that. at the same time…all these activities are potentially wonderful experiences for maeven. i definitely don’t want to overwhelm her though…so we’re going to have to pick and choose. well, perhaps some of them won’t pan out and will make the decision making easier.

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