today was pretty productive

another hot day, but much more tolerable. rob (adam’s sister’s husband…so our brother-in-law) came over in the morning to help adam work on the big room remodeling. yesterday they spent a chunk of the day at home depot buying supplies so today they could get to work. did i mention that our tax refund finally came in? YAAAAAAY! that was a really nice surprise! yeah it was delayed because we had filed an extension. only just about a month ago or so finally filed…we had an accountant help us cuz of all the video equipment we bought for adam’s freelance business last year. we knew we would be getting a tax break on all those purchases, and we did! got a hefty tax refund, so that will really help tremendously towards the room remodel.

i can never remember what i’ve already blogged so please forgive me if i’m repeating myself. i finally agreed to dividing up the big room so that adam can have an office in there. i had been fighting it forever. i didn’t want to lose my “BIG room”. but then i finally realized that adam will make a HELLuva lot more moolah doing his freelance video work than i ever would doing mommy and me classes. by making an office in the big room for him, he’ll be able to have clients over and tyren will get his own room! (adam’s old office) he’s quite excited about it. i told him that we were making a new office for daddy so that he could have daddy’s old office for his own room and he said “OK, do dat!” LOL!!!! too friggin funny!

so anyway, back to what we accomplished today…rob and adam marked out where the walls for adam’s office will go…and tore the hell outta that room! they took out all the wooden beams that used to be down the middle, and the railing…all the old exposed beams are GONE. kinda sad, cuz i always liked them…but it does make the room feel bigger (which will change as soon as those walls to adam’s office go up) and they did date the room. very 60s.

they also tore off the wormwood from the front of that room. and wooden trim around the window. we’re going to paint! finally! 🙂

the new windows go in next weekend when rob comes over again. the one big window in the front of the house will be split into 2 windows. the wall for adam’s new office would have bisected the existing window (plus we hate that thing, it doesn’t open and has mineral deposits on it so you cannot see through it well, and it doesn’t even open so there’s no way to get fresh air to flow through the room since the other window is on the same wall as the sliding glass door)…so we’re taking it out and instead putting in 2 windows the size of the other window. bought them on saturday, plus the 3rd one as well. so exciting!

my plans for the rest of the room (which will be L-shaped)…

picture the room (those of you that know what it looks like) divided into quarters. the southeast quarter will be adam’s office.

i’m going to make the northeast quarter that is by the back door and laundry room door maeven’s art area again and we’ll be putting linoleum in. today rob suggested black and white checkered! what a cool idea!!! i love it! have to research it and think what color carpet would go with that. i don’t want black or white so i’ll have to think creatively of another color. 🙂 purple? LOL! that would be fun! 🙂 probably not practical though. i’ll keep thinking.

the northwest quarter by the kitchen and sliding glass door will remain raised as it is now, and will have a loft built in. right over where the piano used to be…about 2/3 of the width of the space, i think…so there will be a walkway space next to the loft. the loft will cover a playhouse area (going to get a play kitchen…been meaning to do that for years…i think tyren would have a BLAST with it…til then i will probably use the playstands…maybe the kids will actually use them now that they’ve not had it for awhile.) the top of the loft will be for a reading area, with pillows and such. or just imaginative play.

then the last quarter, the southwest one, will be where i’m making all kinds of shelves…the idea is to make an L-shaped one under the 2 windows. with window seats under the windows. shelves all around the windows, making it look like they are part of the walls, with windows inset in them. i LOVE this idea! floor to ceiling shelves. since the french doors to adam’s office will be taking up most of the wall in the middle of the room, i’m not sure yet what to put there on that wall, if anything, but we’ll be putting carpet in this section (as well as the section that will have the loft) and the bottom of those shelves will be for the blocks…this will be a construction area for the kids to play and build.

that’s the plan for now. we’ll see if things change, but that’s how my brain’s going now. i also want to turn some of the walls into display areas for the children’s art and chalkboard or dry erase board areas painted on the walls. haven’t decided which walls yet. more thinking to do.

anyway, tyren’s waking up, gotta get him back to sleep.

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