Today is my dh (darling husband’s) 39th birthday

So here’s some pics in his honor. The many faces of Adam. :)

From recent goofy pics:

Tyren took these pics. I love how you can really see Adam’s blue eyes in them:

One of my favorite pics ever of him:
(taken last year in front of our house)

To very old pics, of our wedding day in 1999 (were we really that much younger?)

Crazy to say, but he still makes my heart go pitter-pat when I look at these pics of him.

Yes, even after 12 years together, 10 years married and 3 children & much stress, heartache and joys later…

Lately we’ve had a LOT of stress, what with all the financial woes. But we are hangin in there and despite it all, Adam still cracks jokes and manages to get us all to laugh. Cuz that’s just the kind of guy he is.


  1. The Crap Blog Detective

    I find your husband very scary looking, did he dress up for Halloween?

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