Today is BLEH

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I’ve been working on this site so that I can finally start blogging on it. I even imported all my old Blogger posts and got the homepage looking the way I want it. Then last night I got a migraine and I think I slept wrong on my neck last night or something because today my head and neck hurt and I just feel BLEH.

I should be doing house cleaning and biz work stuff and I just don’t feel it. I hate feeling like this. Just can’t get motivated even to eat! I need to go force myself to go eat some lunch now and it’s after 4! Not really super unusual for me, but usually it’s because I was hyperfocusing on something. But not today. I just can’t will myself to DO much. So I just keep doing dumb stuff.

Just a bleh bleh day. I guess we all have these. The week’s nearly over and maybe I can get out of it soon. Being stuck at home for so many months because of the pandemic certainly is a factor here.

Oh and I’ve been obsessed with playing The Sims lately since it’s still new to me. But even that isn’t super exciting to me today (although I did work on this cool cohousing build I’m creating.)

Well this is just a nothing post and I need to go eat. I just wanted to get a first post on here with an image and start using this as a blog and update what’s going on here.

So there ya go. I like that I now have a new place to just vent or ramble and just say stupid shit again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood again.

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