to sleep perchance to dreeeeaaaaammmmm….

will i ever get real sleep again???? *BIG SIGH* at this point it feels like no. argh.

tyren is the world’s worst sleeper, i swear. i knew i was spoiled with maeven and i was destined to have a horrible sleeper the next time around, i knew it! this child doesn’t just toss and turn…he cries out LOUD at least 5-8 or even 10 times a nite! and actually has a little hissy fit each time usually…like a little tantrum because something is either bothering him or he didn’t like what he was dreaming about or something…he kicks and kicks and throws around his whole body…multiple times a nite, ALLLLL nite, EVERY STINKIN’ NITE! he’s done this off and on nearly since birth but the last couple months just seem to be getting worse. sometimes he even SCREAMS!

this week i took him to the ped to see about a rash he’s had for weeks and it turns out he has eczema, and its infected…so it could be that he’s been worse about this because he’s itching. but he doesn’t usually scratch. so i’m not really sure. he scratches his head but there’s no rash on his head. he just does that with sleepiness. its mostly all over his legs right now but he doesn’t scratch there. he will grab at his crotch, through his diaper and throw a fit sometimes so i will jump up and run and get a new diaper…thinking the wetness must be bothering him. and if i let him he will claw the hell outta his crotch while the diaper’s off. but i try to not let him because he can do some real damage! but i can only imagine that he must be itchy and uncomfortable in his diaper area because he has been fighting a rash there as well…

i’ve been really really good about changing him regular because of this rash on his diaper area. i keep him in only a motherease diaper with no doubler and no cover when we’re home…so that i can tell right away when he’s wet and change him immediately. i even let him go diaper-less (despite the puddles) to help his rash get some much needed air. and slathering with oinment that i was told to use on his eczema…seems to be working well. but at nite i guess it would be an issue, being in a wet diaper so long.

anyway, i can’t believe how badly this little boy sleeps and i’m really surprised that i’m not going insane with sleep deprivation yet! but somehow i manage and i’m surviving but man its hard! i just keep telling myself that he won’t sleep like this forever.

i have even tried putting him in the cosleeper, thinking that maybe he’s one of those rare babies that needs their space to sleep…but no, he FREAKS out when i’m not right next to him. *sigh*

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