times are a-changin

my children are growing up so quickly before my eyes. just this week maeven seems a young lady to me. i look at her and cannot believe how much older she seems. tyren is no longer a baby, but very much the little/big boy. turning 4 in just a few short weeks, and finally potty trained and spending literally hours entertaining himself daily with his own imagination. to the point that he thwarts my plans to do things with him at times (“i’m busy, mom!”)

i’m enjoying all these changes. i generally embrace change. i look forward to changes with joy (usually) and revel in them as i realize they are happening.

i’ve been spending a lot of time obsessed with working on my projects. but in balance with that, after a chunk of time on the phone or computer, sorting through project ideas and such, i also have been finding myself very engrossed in just looking at and listening to my children. i don’t want to miss these moments. i want to soak it all in and remember these times with them.

i can’t appreciate every single moment with them. its far too overwhelming to be a joyful parent ever moment of every day. but i have felt very proud of myself for remembering to tear myself away from my projects to sit and watch my children play and talk to them about whatever they are babbling about at the moment.

tyren in particular is a babbler. he takes after me in that. maeven isn’t so much of a babbler, but if you allow her to talk when she feels inclined, you can hear quite a lot from her. she has so much going on in her head. that’s what she got from me. the endless thinking.

oh my goodness my son is too friggin adorable. he just got right in my face to explain to me about something he wants to make that is “for singing softly like this” then he proceeded to sing softly to me. i have no idea what he’s talking about but the expression on his face was just precious.

if only he’d go to sleep though. it’s nearly midnight!

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