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i’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking on how to get enough time to do things that are important to me…and it occurred to me that i’m REALLY glad now that our tv consumption is at an all-time low. what a time waster tv can be!

there’s really not enough time in the day for me to get all that i want/need to get done, done…where in the world would i fit regular tv viewing?

i see computer games the same way but i admit that i still make time for them here and there. well, i think its ok to make time for time wasters here and there…in moderation…so i allow myself to waste time sometimes…but frankly, i just don’t have enough time to spend a lot of time on tv or games…there’s just FAR too much to be done on a regular basis, i tell ya!

when my life is near its end, i want to know that i spent most of my time in life wisely…and didn’t spend the vast majority of my waking hours on senseless activities that didn’t really benefit anyone. i do think recreation is very important, but electronic recreation has such a tendency to be so very addictive! before you know it HOURS have passed by.

i personally have a hard time breaking free of it. this computer is forever my time sucker. i’m afraid the iphone may end up making me even more “plugged in”, but i’m allowing right now for the newness of it. and its something that i think has much more positives than negatives, so i’ll figure out how to make it work. 🙂

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  1. Tina

    i'm the same way…the only time i turn the tv on is for my kids to watch pbs. usually in the morning to help them wake up. then we turn it off usually when barney comes on at 10am (we hate barney, lol!) if i notice that its on…sometimes no one is watching and doesn't notice its on.

    then oftentimes it doesn't go on again for the rest of the day! though many times it will go on again at 2:30pm when word girl comes on (my kids and i are HUGE fans of word girl!!) and stays on through curious george and martha speaks (also favorites). then off when arthur comes on at 4pm (my daughter HATES arthur! son and i are not super fond, so we're ok turning it off, LOL!)

    then usually that's it for the day. most days. sometimes we'll put on dvds, but not regularly.

    i can't say that my kids have very little amounts of tv watching in their lives but they have little REGULAR tv watching. there are certainly days when PBS is on all day, though usually no one is plopped in front of the tv watching all day. just when something catches their eye.

    for me, i pretty much never put the dang thing on for myself. i broke that habit and don't want to start it up again. though i'll admit i do sometimes miss watching the late late show with craig ferguson. LOVE HIM! i'm usually in bed by then now though. 🙂

    computer is a tough thing to shake though. i enjoy it so and i run so many websites and groups online that its crucial to my life. 🙂

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