time to drag out my playful parenting book

tyren is seriously exhausting us. just in the past couple weeks he has been throwing the most hideous tantrums and fighting us on everything, and i mean EVERYTHING.

good god its exhausting.

i’m crossing my fingers its just a phase that he’s going through and we’ll make it through this eventually. i certainly hope its not a long phase. every day we tend to have the same fights over the same things, and the only thing that really seems to work with him is playful parenting.

example: tooth brushing, which had for awhile been going pretty good. never a breeze, its always been a struggle, but he was doing much better now that we force the issue every single night. well lately its been a huge fight again. we’ve even had to hold him down again a couple times and its just pure hell. it makes me dread bedtime. especially since he will NOT have daddy. it HAS to be me. good heavens, child, you spend every minute of every day with me…aren’t you tired of me yet? apparently not.

anyway, tonight i just didn’t want to go there with the fight, so i tried some silliness. it worked. usually does. i just don’t always feel silly. but i’ve been trying to be more silly with both of my children. really it helps tremendously, i’m amazed.

i’ve even had an “ah HA” moment with maeven’s spelling lessons…she’s not particularly enjoying the lessons. its not even really all that hard nor tedious. all i do is read 20-25 words each day, give her a sentence for each word, and she writes the words on her paper. then she shows to me and if she spelled it wrong, i write it correctly on our little dry erase board, and she corrects her work. we do this as we go, with each word. its a really great program called sequential spelling. the words build on each other as well, so today she had in, inn, inning, beginning…etc. i love the concept. its just brilliant.

anyway i decided to spice things up a bit today and instead of doing the usual boring sentences, i’m trying to do the silliest i can think of. going to make it a point to do this every time, as i can. she was giggling like crazy and writing the words down without any grumpies. love it.

anyway, there’s definitely a lot to be said about playful parenting. time to drag out that book again. i found it again in the shed last week, so i’m going to go drag it out this weekend and start reading it again. its an awesome book.

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