time for something happy

my kids are just so friggin adorable. they really are. i know i tend to whine a lot on this blog…its my way of venting…but i swear i have the sweetest kids on the planet.

tyren has been so funny lately…cruisin and checkin out everything. not trying to walk yet, but just pulling up on everything and anything. he figured out how to turn on and off the tv so delights in his new-found skill, over and over and over again…and screams bloody murder when you take him away from his “toy”, LOL! much to his sister’s annoyance. tonite maeven decided it would be fun to put a clear plastic bucket on her head (goes to one of tyren’s new toys) and make faces at us…her squished nose made us just crack up…so she put it on tyren’s head and that really had us in stitches as he made a face and cracked up with us…with his head IN the bucket, LOL!!! too funny! adam tried to get some pics but of course missed the moment…i think he got one good pic but it wasn’t the funniest. ah well. we all had a good laugh.

tyren is trying to sign and trying to talk…he’s doing pretty well actually…although nowhere near what his sister was capable of at this age…but i guess its true what they say about boys being slower developmentally, as children…maeven was already signing a lot to us by 1…tyren has a couple signs that he will randomly use, usually copying us, but he seems to know what they mean…nothing really consistent that makes me feel for sure that he’s gettin it though. and i sure would love for him to take off walking soon…i think he’ll really enjoy it…i can just see his face now…i’m sure he’ll be so proud of himself! for now he enjoys just holding onto everything and standing and climbing on everything.

maeven is creating things left and right…disappears for hours sometimes making “projects” and telling me “i want to be alone”…comes out with these elaborate drawings or creations…stapling homemade books together, gluing interesting sculptures (an igloo recently made out of styrofoam peanuts and a ton of colored glue), and lots and lots and LOTS of pictures….always tons of pictures. she truly is my little artist. she just can’t get enough of drawing.

i’ve been a little sad lately that she’s been so drawn to coloring pages…we printed some up for her recently from some kid websites…my little ponies being one of her current favorite sites…she now is telling me that she can’t draw…something that seems to me i’ve only started hearing from her since she started being drawn to pre-drawn coloring pages… i’ve always tried to keep coloring books and pages out of our house for just this reason. but it was inevitable. and not something worth a big fight over. so i let her do them and she loves them. i just hope it doesn’t affect her wanting to draw her own stuff…seems like it already has…but not too much…i’ll just have to keep encouraging the free drawing and try to de-emphasize the coloring pages. i tell ya though, i always knew this was one of the reasons that i didn’t like coloring pages…that kids begin to feel like they can’t draw as good as the predrawn stuff…but i never saw it so blatant before. the things she now says to me about how she “can’t draw like that” really is disheartening and downright shocking. proof positive to me that i was right all along to keep the coloring pages and books away from her. she’s such a creative little soul…i really really REALLY don’t want that getting squashed! but luckily she doesn’t obsess too much on the coloring pages…she’s still doing her own stuff too…so i’ll just keep watching her. :)

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