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brand new study out that confirms even more how bad violent media is for you. not specifically about kids, but seems like it says a lot about that as well in its findings.

this just is a duh thing to me. i’m amazed at how many people continue to fight these findings though.

i took on the lion and lamb project‘s website awhile back because i feel so strongly about children and violence (media, toys, games, etc), and their organization had shut down but i wanted to make sure the site didn’t disappear since there’s a ton of great info there.

but this study is about everyone, not just kids. and i think it could help explain, at least a little, how our culture just seems to keep getting more and more violent. its so disturbing to me, i cannot even watch the news.

i live in an area with lots of gang violence. i cannot watch a single news show without hearing about something violent happening, often gang related. i don’t get how people get into this lifestyle. i don’t get how people who are not gangbangers still think the style is “cool” and teach it to their kids and dress their kids as mini-gangbangers. i don’t get how they think its “cool” to talk the talk and walk the walk and emulate gangbanger behavior. i think it makes them look incredibly juvenile and uneducated and thuggish. but then they like to be thuggish. i don’t get it.

i don’t get so many things. i don’t like to watch extremely violent tv or movies. i have seen plenty, but i don’t LIKE it. i usually close my eyes because i find it disturbing. i don’t get the slasher type films at all. there’s not even a plot to those type of movies other than the extreme violence. i don’t get how anyone can enjoy that. i don’t get it!

i’m not a prude…i watch plenty of R rated stuff…but the extreme stuff…extreme fighting, wrestling, slasher films, horrifically graphic games…i don’t get! i don’t enjoy, and i feel like you have to be seriously disturbed to enjoy that stuff. but yet people i love love that stuff. i don’t get it. my brother is into watching some of the most horrific movies that have been made…not the slasher stuff but the even more disturbing films like clockwork orange (*shudder* i couldn’t get very far into that movie, it made me physically ill!) and we had the same childhood so i don’t get why the appeal. its not like he had a traumatic childhood…and i can’t help still finding him disturbed because he likes that stuff. and my husband likes to play some pretty violent games…luckily he knows better than to let the kids see it (doesn’t play til after they are asleep), but i don’t get the appeal of all the bang bang shoot ’em up stuff.

there is MOUNTAINS of research out there (the above article just the latest in that) that supports that violent media is BAD FOR YOU. seriously bad stuff! how can you enjoy watching someone getting maimed and killed? i don’t get it!

someone recently said something in a chat about their kids laughing about a computer generated bear that lost half of his face in a movie they watched…laughing! children, laughing at a living thing being maimed. i don’t get it. that’s ok? that’s ok for children to view that sort of violence and LAUGH at it, even computer generated violence…(i KNOW its not real, but its very realistic!) …i find that so disturbing. i just don’t get why this isn’t disturbing to everyone. i really don’t.

but oh well, to each his own…there’s probably tons of people out there that are disturbed by some of the stuff i enjoy or the stuff i am ok with my kids viewing (yes, i DO let them watch barney and teletubbies, LOL! though they don’t particularly enjoy them).

*sigh* oh if only the whole world agreed on everything, LOL!! oh alright, i know it would be a boring world. but man oh man, this stuff is just disturbing to me! ugh!

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