things to do this weekend

here’s what i would like to get done this weekend…we’ll see how far i get…

in no particular order:

  • mow the back yard (its a weed jungle out there!)
  • water back yard (have to do this manually, argh)
  • mow front yard (not so bad, i mowed it last weekend, but it could probably use it again)
  • de-weed front of house (the flower bed that is under construction for the past 3 years is thigh-high in weeds now, sigh)
  • organize/declutter my desk drawers (this is a huge, daunting task…we’ll see if i get to it)
  • start making a plan to organize maeven’s room (another daunting task…)
  • finish reading The House that Cleans Itself, and start putting the plan in action
  • finish and put away ALL the laundry (actually not a huge task because i have kept up with it pretty good recently)
  • wash all the bed sheets and covers and make the beds in fresh sheets/covers.
  • wash the yucky wet bath mat
  • clean the tub…and if i get to it, the rest of the main bathroom…getting yucky in there
  • wash the kitchen floor (when was the last time? NO idea!)
  • make new menu and shopping list (still have food for current menu, but need to plan ahead.)
  • make beef stew for crock pot and put on to cook all day, today or tomorrow!
  • feed my kids a nutritious breakfast for lunch (already cooking pancakes with sweet potato puree in it…check this off!)
  • wash tyren’s chocolate face (gramma brought over this for them to frost/decorate yesterday and tyren got into it before us grownups got up this morning, LOL!)
  • figure out what to do with all the ebay/craigs list leftover stuff under my desk that i want to sell/get rid of but didn’t finish
  • swap out the winter for the summer clothes in all our drawers
  • bag up clothes that no longer fit, put in van for goodwill/salvation army (whatever i pass first)

that’s all for now, pancakes are done! 🙂

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