The weather is beautiful but my mood is not

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This week the temp FINALLY took a nose dive and it started feeling less like summer, more like fall. Well, Fresno fall, which isn’t crisp like it was in NJ…just not HOT, like it’s been since May.

Yet, I’m feeling really overwhelmed with all that I need to do, and all that is going on, that it’s been difficult to enjoy the weather.

I was very proud of myself last week (meeting week, so no enrichment classes at our homeschool charter), because I was on a roll with staying on task with my morning routine. I actually got it completed most days last week! A huge accomplishment! But this week, I’m feeling off track, even though our routine is set by the activities we do daily…so it’s not like we are technically off track. It’s just a busy week.

It just felt so great last week, being right on track with my routine. Ah well.

And I’ve been falling asleep earlier lately, which throws off my work schedule at night. I try to reserve that time for client work (website work), but I’ve just been too sleepy. Gotta get my butt in gear during the day to make up for it!

Overall, if I really think about it, we’re still doing quite well… I just feel really out of sorts today for some reason. I wish I could shake this bleh feeling.

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