the thing about blogs…

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is that they are public…well they are if you set them that way…and you set them that way if you want people to read them…

so i do want people to read mine…i like journaling, always have…i have stacks and stacks of notebooks filled to the brim with all my thoughts and things that happened in my life for years. its fun to go back and read sometimes.

but the thing with blogs is that they are not private like journals…so i have to think about what i put here. i have to be careful how i word things if i’m talking about a specific person. at least if i don’t want to hurt anyone, which i don’t.

so if i’m pissed off at someone or don’t approve of something then i just can’t write about it…or i have to tiptoe around it in such a way that if the person happened to stumble upon my blog (which i now include in my sig line on forums and all my emails, so of course people are finding it)…i won’t get myself into trouble.

i really hate that. but at the same time i DON’T want to hurt anyone. or start something that could get really ugly. but i also want to be able to say what is going on in my life and what i’m feeling. it is MY blog, afterall, and MY feelings…

*sigh* life is so complicated, isn’t it?

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  1. Tina

    LOL, nope. not you tiff. i got no qualms with you…you’re a sweetie! LOL!!!!

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