The saga of the window blinds

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Ok, it’s not really a saga…I just needed a catchy title. And I just realized that I keep writing long posts on Facebook instead of here. And I really need to be writing them here, to save for posterity. I’ll never see those posts on Facebook again.

So here’s what I just posted on FB today:

So these blinds are nearly 21 years old and DONE. We have been futzing with them for years now. In recent months they have come off the track multiple times, end cap pops off since the slats don’t slide well anymore, so it’s a struggle to open them, then POP! Off goes the cap and then the bar the slats are on comes all the way off and hovers over my desk and it’s a WHOLE THING to get it back in and capped again. And the slats fall off all the time and never turn easily anymore.

Finally we reached the point where I took the time (HOURS) to try to fix the damned thing…took it all off the track, undid all the slats, rethread the little doohickeys they attach to, got it all back up and the slats all back on and recapped and duct taped and everything… and after ALL THAT, the mechanism to turn the damn slats stopped working. So they are permanently open now.

And since this is the door on the front of the house…the whole neighborhood can see into our big room all.the.time now.

SO! Time for something new!

Thank you stimulus check! I’ve been wanting to get drapes for some time since this room gets HOOOOOOOOT afternoon sun through this single pane door all summer long. So I ordered thermal, sun blocking drapes (actually found some very affordable ones with great reviews!) They arrived yesterday but we are still waiting for the rod, which arrives Friday. SIGH

I am SO EXCITED to get these blinds down (and TRASHED) and the new curtains (which, surprisingly, match the existing curtains almost exactly!) Simple pleasures, I tell ya! But I can’t wait to see if they do the job to block the heat and sun! AND excited to have privacy again…and pretty!

Here are the new curtains, waiting patiently:

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