The Most Beautiful Face to Wake Up To

there’s nothing in the world like waking up to a baby face. there really isn’t. this morning as i’m lying there smiling at him and he’s smiling at me, and grabbing my face and “talking” to me in that baby babble (he’s 6months today!) i was just thinking how lucky i am. families that don’t bring their children into their beds are totally missing out. i cannot even imagine having him somewhere else. maeven either. sometimes i miss her next to me. but she’s just on the other side of daddy…not far. she has a twin bed smooshed up against adam’s side of the bed so she has her own “big girl” space now…but still close enough to touch if i want to, which i frequently do these days…coming to bed and snuggling up to her first and whispering in her ear that mommy loves her and she’s my most favorite little girl in the whole wide world. makes me feel so very very blessed. they are just sooooo precious when they sleep, aren’t they?

and then moving back over to where i’ve laid tyren, sleeping so peacefully as babies do (sometimes, lol)…then whispering in his ear that mommy loves him and that he’s my most favorite little boy in the whole wide world. these are things i regularly tell them when they are awake as well…its just got such a warm fuzzy feeling to whisper it in their little ears while they sleep. 🙂

god i love my kids!!

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