the drama of our lives

we have only 1 credit card…which i’m quite proud of (we paid off the others when we remortgaged our home and took cash out to pay off a bunch of stuff). and we rarely use it. recently we’ve had to use it, unfortunately, but we are paying it off as soon as adam gets some more money in from jobs that owe him money. should be pretty easy to pay it off, its still under $1000.

we’ve had to use the card recently for a few needed items (including groceries) and because of the whole dryer drama: thought we needed to replace our old dryer because it wouldn’t heat anymore…so i recycled it (got a whole $4 for the metal, woohoo!) and we paid for a new dryer at best buy (way too much, we just weren’t thinking and just wanted to get something fast. i had been without a dryer since the day before tyren’s bday party, so july 9, and laundry was seriously piling up.) this was on monday, july 13. they said it couldn’t be delivered til thurs july16. i wasn’t happy about that, but resigned myself to a few more days of laundry piling up (and i am short on clothes, too, ugh). and doing the necessary items and hanging to dry as needed (which i hate doing…extra work and crunchy clothes=grouchy mama). got a call from best buy on thursday saying that the dryer STILL hadn’t come in yet…should be delivered friday or saturday. never heard back…spent quite some time on friday trying to get someone at best buy to answer their stinkin phone to let me know what was up with our dryer (when they FINALLY answered their phone, they said i needed to talk to the clovis store and transferred me and then THEY wouldn’t answer their phone!) FINALLY got ahold of someone that could tell me about my dryer and they tell me that it now won’t be delivered til TUESDAY! (8 days after we bought it!) unbelievable. i was PISSED!

so i ran around town and did some research on machines…found used ones at salvation army but they were all gas (we needed electric)…didn’t want to go the craigs list route because you really have no idea who you’re buying from and no recourse if the machine doesn’t work once you get home.

found some other used ones, but they were all around 10years old. didn’t make sense to spend half as much but get something 10 times as old, so i went back to looking into buying new. went to a bunch of stores and found out that lowe’s had a really cheap machine that was actually quite good! roper, which is made by whirlpool. all over the internet it was praised as being top of the list for least repairs. it just is a no-frills whirlpool basically. and it was the cheapest i found! so i went to best buy and got a refund on that dryer, and went to lowe’s and purchased the roper and brought it home (which was a bit of a deal because i had to ask my dad to help get it with his truck). then turned it on and….it doesn’t heat either! so we had to call an electrician to look at the outlet…turned out the breaker had indeed been tripped (it was something 2 different people had already looked at and apparently didn’t flip it back right). paid $85 just for him to flip the switch properly. but luckily we also had some other work for him to do while he was here…the outlet that the front sprinklers are plugged into in the big room stopped working and i was having to do the sprinklers manually again (annoying), so he fixed that while he was here…so it was worth the money and the time to get both of these issues fixed.

then…get this…he leaves and adam discovers the dryer stopped heating again! looked outside and sure enough, the switch had tripped again. flipped it back on and voila! heat again! but now we know we DO have an issue in that outlet. the electrician said it was fine. so now adam is miffed that we have to have them come back again…and they better give us a deal on fixing that outlet! but at least now, i can do laundry. adam showed me where and how to flip that switch if it trips again. yay!

and i should mention that this whole dryer fiasco started july 9 and its now the 24 and its not yet over and during that time tyren got sick twice and maeven got sick twice! (she’s sick again today).

not to mention the above 100 degree temperatures that have been sizzling us all out here (don’t think we’ve had a day under 100 this whole month!)…and bad air days when we are advised to keep our kids indoors.

its been a rough few weeks! actually, tyren’s bouts will illness started july 5, so its just been a rough month. he’s been sick 4 times this month and maeven twice. and these are kids that really never get sick. so its just been a hard month all around.

when it rains, it pours. i’m looking forward to august.

POSTSCRIPT: just remembered that it seriously could be worse. i’m counting my blessings that dryer drama/heat/kid illness is all i’m contending with right now… a dear friend of mine lost her father this month…my heart goes out to her and her family.

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