the day has finally come when i can say…

my son is a GREAT SLEEPER!

i never thought i would reach this moment.

tyren was a horrid sleeper for all his babyhood and into toddlerhood…he moved constantly. kicking, wiggling, smacking me in his sleep…he’d often wake up crying. there was a period of time that i swear i was going to go insane because he just woke up so much at night, crying and having tantrums in the night over things i don’t even know what they were! i suspected it was nightmares or something weird he was dreaming about. but i’d have these arguments in bed at night with him cuz he just would wake up and cry and cry. for awhile he would insist at like 4am that we HAD to go sleep in the living room. and there was NO changing his mind. so if i wanted to go back to sleep, we had to go in the living room. ugh. it was really hell.

i’m happy to say…my son is an AWESOME SLEEPER NOW!!

it took awhile to get to this point. a really LONG TIME. and weaning didn’t happen easily either. that was last october, as i recall…he’s been fully weaned since then. about 3yrs and 3months, just like maeven. weird.

anyway, after i weaned him…going to sleep nursing was the last nursing session to go. it didn’t go easily…after that, getting him to sleep at night was a NIGHTMARE!! seriously.

it took MONTHS for him to figure this whole thing of going to sleep without a boob in the mouth out. but i’m here to say, he did figure it out. and its been a long time since i even remember being frustrated about it.

and now…he’s got the whole bedtime routine down pretty pat.

he doesn’t go to sleep easily still…not initially. his routine now is that we do the pjs and brushing teeth and then i put a video on for him (tonight it was kipper)…always something pretty low-key and something he’s seen a lot, nothing new. because new shows make him more interested and keep him awake longer. usually curious george goes on at night since he’s seen all those a zillion times and they are really pretty mellow. as he settles in on one of the couches to watch, i put all the lights out in the living room. and i sit at my computer and catch up on email and reading blogs and such until he decides he’s ready to sleep.

some nights he just crashes out watching tv. pretty cool, he just curls up and he’s out. some nights, like tonite…he tells me he doesn’t want to watch any more shows. so i turn the tv off and he asks me to lay with him and i do. on the couch, about 5-10min tops, and he’s out. just like that. once he decides he’s ready, he just crashes. and crashes HARD. nothing wakes him up these days.

occasionally he will wake up and ask for water. sometimes he talks in his sleep or whimpers and calls for me…but he never fully wakes up once he’s out. and i get all the work or play done on the computer i want (often til past midnight!) and then when i’m ready for bed, i just carry him to bed and we snuggle up in there and we all sleep soundly.

maeven hasn’t even been waking as much lately. she still does once or twice, but its not a big deal anymore. she doesn’t seem to be waking and staying awake so much anymore. or its not freaking her out anymore, i don’t know, i just don’t ever hear anything much these days from her.

she’s another that sleeps well. although she always did, for the most part, since she was a baby. she was what i used to call a pretty good sleeper and tyren was a horrible sleeper, LOL.

now, its all worked itself out and our kids sleep wonderfully and we are all happy. 🙂 in our family bedroom. maeven in her twin on the floor, tyren in bed with us. and we are all happy. tyren’s not even moving around so much anymore at night and most nights i sleep all the way through til morning and don’t even remember being awaken for anything.

i never thought i’d ever be able to say that!

it’s really an amazing moment fo finally be able to say that! wow. it’s really nice!

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